Antics of the Speech Chick, SLPreneuer

What’s in a Name? 5 Tips for Naming Your Speech Therapy Business

What is in a name?  You want to start a business, whether it’s a speech therapy practice or a TPT store, but you don’t know what to name it.  A while back I wrote a blog post about why I named my practice Speech Chick Therapy.  (Here’s the link to it.).   Lots of thought went into naming my practice. …

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Parent Tips

Why I Don’t Like Flashcards: An SLP’s Perspective

Ok, so let me start by saying I don’t hate flashcards. I’m not on a crusade to put Mr. Millionaire Flashcard Man out of business. From the perspective of an SLP, flashcards have a time and a place just like puzzles and pretend play. There are some great ones out there. I do recommend them…to SOME kids. When I Don’t …

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Themed Speech Therapy

Simple Bat Crafts for Speech Therapy

With Halloween just around the corner, it is a perfect time for a bat theme in speech therapy!  I had a bat theme last week which ended up being a big hit…especially these two crafts!  I posted the pictures of a couple of children’s finished products and they were quickly LOVED!  So I figured, I would write a blog post …

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Hands On Therapy Activities

Quick Drill Boxes in Speech Therapy

We’ve all seen the beautiful blogs posts about picture prefect therapy sessions go for that one speech therapist.  Let’s be honest…not all speech therapy sessions are smooth and picture perfect.  You may see 6 kids in a mixed group in which you need to address everything from articulation to grammar in 30 minutes.  Maybe you see kids individually (like me) …

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Books for Speech Therapy, Language

“Light Up Language” in Speech Therapy

Finding ways to keep kids engaged and interested in speech therapy can be a tricky feat for even the most creative SLP.  After you have spent countless hours on creating ridiculously fabulous lessons (Great job, by the way!), there will always be that one kid that is like “Meh.”  Or maybe you are the SLP who covers 5 campuses with …

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