Whether you are a parent, teacher, physician, or fellow SLP, this is the website for you!

What does a parent gain from this site?

Parents can use this site to contact Speech Chick Therapy to set up an evaluation!  You can see what insurances I accept as well.  Say you are considering calling Speech Chick Therapy, but you’re just not sure…check out the blog to see what we do in therapy.  Does it sound like something your child would have fun with while learning at the same time?  Maybe you should contact me!

I also give tips to help parents work on their child’s speech and language skills at home!

  Speech Chick Therapy accepts multiple insurances such as: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Traditional Medicaid, Parkland/CHIPS, and  Amerigroup/CHIPS

Reasonable out of pocket prices if there is not insurance or speech therapy is not covered.  Speech Chick Therapy covers Kaufman, Rockwall and Hunt counties…(That’s code for I come to you!!)

Contact to book your appointment today!!

What information can physicians and teachers gain from Speech Chick Therapy’s site?

These are two primary sources parents go to when they need help finding a speech therapist.  Once you browse my site, you can decide if I am a good fit for your student or patient.  If I am, AWESOME!  If not, that’s ok too!  I’ve even had teachers tell me they stole some of my ideas to use in their classrooms!  I am ok with that too!

SLPs, why should you bookmark my site?

Well, I will tell you why.  I write many blog posts just for the SLP!  Craft ideas, organization tips, ways to help parents are just a few reasons you should bookmark this site.  You probably found this site, and thought, “Oh, she’s a private therapist.  I have no need to follow her!”  WRONG!  I am a pediatric private speech therapist which I work with kids just like all you school SLPs.  Yes, some of my population is younger than yours but that doesn’t anything.  You can still take the ideas and adapt them for your needs.  Isn’t that what SLPs are known for…adapting EVERYTHING?!  So guess what?  Bookmark Speech Chick Therapy in your browser and sign up to receive my newsletter…you are going to want it-trust me!  PS- the newsletter sign up is at the top!  PPS-Follow Speech Chick Therapy on all social media channels!

Oh yea, I also have a TpT store that you can purchase all of my therapy materials from!