May TALKBOX preview

When I started the TALKBOX back in February, I had a idea of how I wanted it to be.  But I knew that I would have to change it up according to feedback from the consumer.  The first 3 TALKBOXES were “sample” boxes.  I bought a variety of materials from TpT SLPs and put a sample of the activities in the box.  It worked well.  Feedback was great.  People loved it.  But I had a nagging feeling it could be better.  So for May, I have completely overhauled the box.  Instead of buying others’ materials and having an assortment of themes, each box now includes an ENTIRE packet of activities, a book, and any other “accessories” to make the lesson work well.  Not each box includes the same book or accessories, but the activities are the same.  Typically, you will have choices of the themes to order from.  This month, the only box available is flowers.  For June, there will be a transportation themed box and a girly themed box-maybe princesses, fairies or PINK!

In this box, you will receive my “Flower Power” Speech and Language Packet and “Blooming Concepts Book.”  The packet includes activities to work on articulation and assorted language skills for an entire week of flowers!  The “Blooming Concepts Book” is booklet that each child makes and can take home to practice concepts such as “under,” “on,” “big,” and many others.  Any activities that require laminating are already laminated!  There is a story book. stickers and matching game also included in this month’s box as well a windup toy (because kids LOVE wind up toys!!)  Plus a couple of little goodies for your office!  Your box arrives so that you can take it to work the next day to use!  At most, you will need to make the copies needed for your caseload!!!  This box will ship on Monday, May 16th.  I will be adding the TALKBOX to the Teachers Pay Teachers site so that you can easily order from there!  You will also be able to order from the Facebook page.  Make sure to sign up to receive emails about the happenings of the Speech Chick!