Through the entire month of June, I have two sets of activities for each week.  It’s transportation month for the boys but the girls are not very interested in cars, boats and airplanes.  So I change it up for them!  They have an entire month of pink, purple, unicorns and fairies!  I only have around 4-5 girls on my caseload at any one time.  But it is a nice break from talking about cars and boats!  The extra lesson planning is definitely worth the work too!

We started out June with one of my favorites-“Pinkalicious!”  It is such an adorable story and the girls can relate to it.  Who doesn’t want to sit and eat cupcakes all day?!  To go along with the book, I made an articulation packet.  On the first day of the week, we read the book, talk about the story and drill our sounds using “Pink Dot Fun!”  This activity is open ended so just print as many as you need.  Grab your pink crayons or pink dot paints and you are all set!  You could use “Color by Sound”  which is also included in the packet.

For day 2 of our “Pink-rrific” week, we put “sprinkles” (playdough) on cupcakes and played our Pinkalcious reinforcement game (again all found in the packet!) while drilling our sounds!

For my language clients, we read our book and answered questions about the story.  I have a couple of kiddos working on pronouns so I made a small booklet that went with our theme.  You can find it here.  The booklet addressed the concept of “hers.”  It is a repetitive booklet so that the child can learn the concept easily.

We had tons of fun this week!  Next week… Purplicious!!  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter!  Freebie coming soon through the newsletter!