Themed Speech Therapy

Week in Review: Froggy Speech

Frog Post Pin

I got behind on my blog posts!  A couple of weeks ago, I did a frog theme in therapy.  It seemed like the perfect time since frogs are popping up everywhere at my house…especially at night!  My absolute favorite book for this theme is “The Wide Mouthed Frog.”  It’s a great pop up book that kids of all ages have loved.

Articulation:  I like to start my week off with a book and a good drill reinforcement activity.  It’s always good to start off the week with lots of reps!  So that is exactly what I did!  You can find the activity here.  The “Frog Dot” activity gave each client 75 reps!

Language:  We had a few different activities for this area.  I made vocabulary mats for animals, food, and clothing.  For each picture the child could name, he placed a frog on that lily pad!  We also had coloring activities for opposites and irregular past tense verbs.  All of these are included in the packet on TpT.  I noticed several of my clients were having trouble with the concept of “under” so I made an interactive booklet!  (You can find it here.)  Attach the frog to a string (attach the other end of the string to the book) and ta da… you have a frog you can move throughout the book!  Then send the book home for extra practice!

Craft:  We had a lot of fun making our paper bag puppets.  Everything you need for it is in the packet on TpT.  I printed the frog’s head on green paper to cut down on coloring.  For your artic kids, copy the sounds you need.  Each set of sounds comes in CV combo, initial and final positions.  Cut out 6 word tiles and practice them as you glue them onto the frog’s tongue!

Games:  We had tons of fun flingin frogs!!  Easy set up and rules to teach even your smallest clients.

Hope everyone has a great week!!  Summer’s almost here!!



**You can find a link to the book I used as well as the game we played in the side column.  These are affiliate links so I do receive a small compensation if you buy from the featured links.