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Week in Review: Choo Choo Speech

Train Pin Post

It’s the last post of transportation theme. I guess I saved the best for last. Trains are always a huge hit with the boys.  It doesn’t have to be about a famous train character…I just made my theme about trains.  I have one book that I absolutely love for this theme.  The book pictured above is new to my collection.  It is a shine a light book from Usborne.  (I am a consultant.  By clicking on the link, it will take you directly to the book on my site.  I plan to have to post coming soon about these books!  Be sure to follow my blog as well as my social media sites!)

Freight Train” by Donald Crews is a great book for the preschool crowd!  It lends itself to colors, concepts like long and short, as well as position concepts like “in front” and “behind.”  You can also make the book stretch to slightly older kids to talk about first, second, last, etc.  The text is very similar to his other books.  It’s very simplistic and allows for discussion and elaboration during sessions.

Train Book

To give kiddos a concrete example of the concepts you want to address have a small train set available.  I kept mine pretty simple with only 3 trains.  With my little guys, we focused on first and last.  You could even talk about moving the train fast or slow.  I modeled the concepts first and then gradually lessened the cues as the child moved the trains around.  Train Basic Concept FunOur craft for the week was another pretty easy, low prep activity.


1 copy of a train (kids can color it)

1 sheet of blue construction paper for each child

2 long strips of black construction paper

8-9 small strips (about 2 inches long) of black construction paper

I printed out a picture of a train (from one of my clipart folders) for each kiddo to color.  Take a piece of black construction paper and cut 4-5 thin strips lengthwise.  You need them long so that they can fit along the bottom of your blue paper.  Glue 2 of the long strips along the bottom of a blue piece of construction paper.  You want them about 1 to 1 1/2 in apart.  (This is the beginning of your railroad.)  Cut the other 2-3 strips into smaller strips (about 2 inches long).  Write target words on each little strip with white crayon or even a gold sharpie!  As the child says a target word correctly 5x, he can glue the piece on his railroad.  Continue until the track is completed.  Add your train just slightly above the track (enough to see all the target words).  Feel free to have the child draw a sun, clouds, birds or whatever they wish in the sky.  You can easily target past tense verbs or plural nouns.  Instead of artic targets, write the past tense or plural forms on the small strips.  Have the child use each one in a sentence before gluing it to the tracks.  You could also target opposites or synonyms.  Write a word on each small piece.  The child has to give an opposite or a synonym before gluing it to the track.  This little craft project is PERFECT for mixed groups if you work in a school setting!!

Train Artic CraftI hope you have enjoyed our transportation themes.  The boys had a great time!