Here’s what past and current families have to say about Melissa the Speech Chick!

Melissa has been working with my son Noah, for about 3 years now.  The growth in his confidence has been astounding.  He still struggles, but is doing so much better and maintains confident in his abilities largely in part to her patience and guidance.  She adores my son and he adores her in turn.  I love knowing that she actually CARES about my son and checks in with me on his progress and any concerns or that I can text her about any concerns or questions I have and she is always available and responsive.  I tell people all the time that she is one of the best things to happen to our family and I truly  mean it!  BEYOND THANKFUL for the opportunity to work with her!!!!  ~Ashley

Melissa Warden (Speech Chick) was fantastic with our son’s speech therapy. She was able to get him engaged, and re-engaged, when he would run off, lol. She came packed with a bag of tricks to keep him interested. (Items tailored just for him)  He was barely saying anything except “NO” when she started, and when he moved on to PPCD at school, he had come so far.  Our son has severe food aversions, and Melissa said that she could help with this. (She taught us all about having a child with special needs) On their first session, she had him eating foods that he’d ALWAYS refused for us! (HE LICKED YOGURT! He mixed foods!  Special needs and Sensory parents get the importance of these things) She’s extremely knowledgeable, and even identified him as having Sensory Processing Disorder. Because of her detecting this in him, we were able to get him the diagnoses, therapy and special needs resources and services that he needed. Melissa is very personable and it was so comfortable having her in our home. She’s very kind, but knows how to keep things in line too, and our son loves her. She’s truly an advocate for children and takes pride in her job. Highly recommend! ~Marisa

We used Speech Chick Therapy for a year with our two boys with autism.  We loved having her as our speech therapist and she always came with exciting things in her bag to help motivate the boys (which is so important!)  and creative and new ideas to help elicit speech and tie in their individual goals.  Our boys both made tremendous progress with her and looked forward to her visit!  She is very professional and talented at what she does and also very personable and tremendous with children.  We highly recommend using Melissa Warden as your speech therapist!~Stacie