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Speech Chick’s Favorite Winter Books for Kids

Today, I am bringing you my favorite kids’ books for winter. I love kids’ books. Probably more so than adult books.  I am not sure if it’s the illustrations or what, but I am a sucker for a pretty picture book.  Winter is great time to snuggle up with kids and read a great book about the cold weather.  If you live in the South like me, you appreciate books about snow…because we don’t see much of it!

So here we go!

Winter Book #1: SNOW

This is a newer book in my collection.  The illustrations are simply beautiful.  The story is simple so it lends itself to elaboration and inferencing.  “Snow” is the story of a day that snow was not in the forecast.  But one little boy holds out hope when just one snowflake falls.  It’s a very relatable story!  Seriously, you need to add this one to your wish list.

Winter Book #2: The Mitten

Really, what’s not to love about “The Mitten?”  The illustrations are gorgeous in Jan Brett’s version. I love books that use uncommon animals like a badger, snowshoe rabbit and a mole. This book has those uncommon animals that can provide discussion after the book is over. Where do those animals live? What do they eat? You could easily spend an afternoon on Google with kids! Give them each an animal to research!

Winter Book #3: The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow” is another great one for kids. I like that it teaches new vocabulary such as scarf, mittens and long underwear. The little girl has a problem that she repeats throughout the story. That scarf is stuck in the zipper! This provides a great opportunity to talk about how she could fix it. Talk with your kids about what you wear in the snow versus the beach.   Each page offers something that can be discussed. For instance, why are her mittens pinned to each arm? Her hat and scarf match but nothing else…why? Have fun with this book!

Winter Book #4: The Secrets of Winter

The Secrets of Winter” is an AWESOME book that you should put at the top of your list! What’s makes this book so cool is the hidden pictures you can only see with light behind the page. I use the flashlight on my phone, but you could use a small flashlight or hold the page up to the light. The book goes into how some animals deal with the cold winter months. I even learned about some animals’ hibernation routines that I did not know about! (I added a link to a fellow SLP and friend’s consultant page. I do not in any way get a kickback or monetary gain. I just wanted to share a great book and help out a friend!)

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of Winter

Winter Book #5: Snowy Day

The Snowy Day” is a classic. I don’t know of an SLP that doesn’t have this book in their library. If it’s great for therapy, it’s a great one to have in your home. What kid doesn’t love to trot through fresh snow, watching his feet make different prints? This one is definitely a fun read for a cold, winter day!

Playing in the snow is always a fun time. But it’s also nice to come in, sit by the fire with some hot chocolate and read a great book. I have given you 5 pretty spectacular books to share with your kiddos! What is your favorite book to read in the winter?

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy: Part Two

Sadly, almost a year ago, I wrote the part one of this post.  Yes, I know what the heck?!  Well, anyways, I am bringing some fantastic Usborne books to you for your speech therapy sessions.  I am glad I did not write this one soon after I wrote part 1 because I would not have done these books justice.  Not sure what awesome book I am referring to?

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy


These books are so much fun to bring into a speech therapy session!  I have several and really need to add to my collection  ASAP.

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy

Why Do I Love These Books in Speech Therapy?

Attention Getter!

First of all, anytime you can bring a flashlight into the activity, you have the client’s attention.  (Remember, I see individual kids so I refer to them as clients.)  As a kid I loved to make shadow puppets on the wall with the flashlight.  This is similar to that idea except the pictures are in the book, giving you the perfect shape each time!  Let the kids control the flashlight and watch their eyes light up each time turn a page!

Introduction of New Vocabulary

The vocabulary in the books is a good conversation starter.  I know in my Rainforest book, I had no idea a pink dolphin lived in the rainforest and neither did my little friends.  This topic opened up language between us to discuss and use language skills in a structured situation.  If you like Eric Carle books because they bring new animal vocabulary to your clients, you will  like the Shine A Light books for the same reason.


Another great reason to love these books is for inferencing.  Using the clues on the page, can you figure what animal/picture is hiding?  That’s what makes this series great for school age kids!  Take a guess on what is hiding with the kids.  If you are wrong, so what?  Once we discover that our guess was wrong, I go back with the kids and discuss. Did your answer meet the clues?  Maybe it’s an animal we’ve never hear of…like the pink dolphin!

Fits Perfectly Within Your Themes

These books fit great within your themes.  I have several than I use within my thematic therapy sessions.  You can easily take a simple theme, like ocean animals, and take it up a notch with “Secrets of the Seashore.” Sometimes, I have themes are geared to my young clients such as trains.  But when I add “On the Train” to the week for the older kids, I am able to stretch the theme to those kiddos and adequately address their goals!

So What Are Some Of My Favorites?

Besides the “Secrets of the Sea,” these are a couple of my favorites!  I plan  to add the apple tree and the Wonders of the USA soon!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Rain Forest


Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of Winter

Did you miss part one?  You can check it out here!

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Ocean

Last week we talked about the beach in speech therapy.  It was only fitting that we have an ocean theme this week.  Sometimes, I am really on top of my game and I coordinate this theme with Shark Week.  But this year?  Guess I wasn’t on top of things.

Ocean Speech Therapy Activities


Ocean Books for Speech Therapy

I have a few different ones that I use, depending on goals, attention span and such.  The one I used the most is “The Commotion in the Ocean.”  My version is a pop up book so it’s shorter than the paperback format.  Kids love lifting the flaps to find the starfish hidden (HINT: SPATIAL CONCEPTS!!)

Ocean book for speech therapy

For my tots and young preschoolers, I used a great little hidden picture book.  (I can’t remember where I found it but you can find it here.)  It’s short and to the point and engaging!!!  My little guys could not wait for me to slide the picture into view!

Ocean Book for Speech Therapy

My last book was used for my older kiddos.  Usborne and More has a great series called Shine the Light.  It is super freakin’ awesome is what it is!  But wait…I am just talking about the Secrets of the Seashore in this post.  You will have to wait on my “elaborate love fest” post for these books later this month.  Grab a flashlight ( I used the one on my phone) and your clients are instantly ENGAGED throughout the entire book!  I included a link above to a dear friend’s shop (so you are supporting her little family completely.  No affiliate link here!) for you to shop this book.  You better go ahead and a grab a few more because I have LOTS more recommendations coming at you!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Seashore

Ocean Activities for Speech Therapy

I currently have an interactive positions book for ocean animals in my TpT store.  It is a top seller.  Make sure you are following my TpT store to get all the updates on new products!

Ocean Animal Positions! Interactive Book

Some other great toys I used was Melissa and Doug’s magnetic puzzle as well as their chunky wooden puzzle.  (Both are HUGE favorites with the little guys!)  This counting fish toy is another huge hit.  I use it work on colors, requesting more, and the concept “in.”

Ocean Activities for Speech Therapy

And that app?  It’s adorable and you need it in your therapy session!  It’s called “Peek-A-Boo Sea” by doo dah boo dreamware solutions.  There is also a “Peek-A-Boo Ocean” made by the same company.  Super cute and super interactive!

Ocean Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft was so easy to put together!  All I needed was purple paper, strips and eyes!  I cut out an octopus head and 8 strips for the tentacles.  For the activity below, my little friend had to name the animal and then use the carrier phrase “I see a…” to work on increased MLU.  My artic clients had strips with their target words on them.  They had to produce them 5x before gluing the tentacle on.  For older kids working on grammar, they can write sentences with correct grammar on each tentacle.

Octopus craft for speech therapy

You could easily pair this theme with a beach theme!

What’s your favorite ocean animal themed activity?

Speech Therapy In Review: OWLS

Owls are a perfect theme for speech therapy the week after Halloween. I am not quite ready for Thanksgiving so I don’t want Thanksgiving themed therapy ideas yet. I will be good next week! I added this theme last year after I bought “Little Owl’s Night” at a daycare book fair. It was lots of fun so I kept it on the schedule for this year. Boy, am I glad I did?! Here is how our week went!

Speech Therapy Owl Activities

Books: “Little Owl’s Night” and “That’s Not My Owl”*

LIttle Owl Book for Speech Therapy

Preschool Speech Therapy Owl Book

TpT Materials: “Little Owl’s Night” Book Buddy

Owl Speech Therapy Activities
Craft:  We had two different crafts.  One was used to focus on language goals such as asking questions or using the phrase “More please” (for my little guys).  The second was used for articulation clients.

To make the language craft, you need  a paper plate, pieces of brown construction paper, 2 big yellow circles, 2 small yellow circles, wiggly eyes, beak made from orange paper and feathers.  You also need a piece of brown paper to trace the child’s hands for the wings.  (NOTE:  you could make the articulation craft this same way.)

As you can see below, the child’s target words are written on the brown pieces of paper.

 What are some of your favorite owl activities to use in speech therapy?


*Disclosure:  The Usborne link above for “That’s Not My Owl” is to my Usborne consultant page.  If you do buy the book from the link, I do receive a commission on this sale.

Usborne Books & Speech Therapists: Part 1

Speech Therapists love Usborne books!  I am always shocked when I find a speech therapist that does not know about Usborne books.  I am ever so eager to tell them all my favorites and why I love them for therapy.


I broke this down into a series of posts so that I could talk more about each of the books I really love.   Today’s post is about the “That’s Not My…” books.  These books are great for babies up to preschool.  I especially love to use them with my clients that are Autistic.  Here’s why I think these books are great for your speech therapy sessions.

  1.  Bright colors!  We know that bright colors attract little ones’ attention.  (I even turn my head to brightly colored things!)  The colors draw them in while the pictures and simple text keep them.
  2. Durable!  These books are very durable, making them a staple in my therapy sessions.  (Plus Usborne has a terrific replacement policy!!!)  Kids can flip through the pages as fast as they want.  I don’t have to worry about a page getting ripped.
  3. Appropriate for a range of ages!  Depending on how you use these books, you can stretch these from your infant clients to preschool.
  4. Textures!  The kids can touch and feel these books all they want!  Each page has a different texture for the kiddos to feel.  The textures also keep the child engaged with the book.  The kids get excited to flip to the next page and feel a different texture.
  5. New Vocabulary!  The textures help teach the adjectives.  It provides a concrete idea of what fuzzy, smooth and rough feel like.  This makes them a HUGE PLUS for your kids with Autism.
  6. Easy to work on negatives and opposites!  Negatives are difficult for preschool to kindergarten.  These books allow themselves to help you teach the concept.  The text is simple enough to discuss what you are looking for.  Example is “That’s not my monkey.  His feet are too smooth.”  So does the monkey you are looking have smooth feet?  No.  What kind of feet does he have? Rough feet.

I have listed a few favorites with their links below!

“That’s Not My Dinosaur” because kids love dinosaurs!

“That’s Not My Mermaid” for the girls!

“That’s Not My Pirate” for the treasure loving boys!

“That’s Not My”  Zoo box set includes 5 books for all your zoo animal loving kids!!



** I am a consultant for the Usborne Book company.  Any links posted here are a direct line to my website so you may purchase the book.**