Hands On Therapy Activities

Summer, Grilling and Speech Therapy

So, it’s officially summer here in Texas.  No, I don’t wait for the actual “First Day Of Summer” on the calendar.  It’s summer in Texas when your thighs stick to your seats in your car.  Cue the fun summer themes in speech therapy!!  I found these adorable tin grills in the dollar spot of my favorite store last week- which …

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Parent Tips

Family Outings That Secretly Work on Language!

Summer’s almost over.  Why not get in some last minute fun family outings?  I have some suggestions for some fun that you can secretly sneak language into!  I did my best to keep them cheap because let’s face it…school supplies and school clothes get expensive.  Especially if you are shopping for more than one child. The Zoo:  This is an easy …

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Crafts in Speech Therapy

Mermaid Tail Craft for Speech Therapy

A couple of weeks ago, I did a theme on mermaids for the girls on my speech therapy caseload. The boys did pirates so I figured why not? This craft was so much fun and really cute when it was finished!  You could easily use the craft for your articulation or language clients. Here’s What You Need for The Craft …

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Articulation Tips

Adapting Puzzles for Speech Therapy

What does SLP doesn’t love using puzzles during speech therapy? Puzzles are great language enrichment tools, easily used in sensory bins and awesome hide and seek reinforcers! I love to use the chunky wooden puzzles in therapy. But then I ran across this cute little 24 piece puzzle for just $1. What would I do with it? Prep the Puzzle …

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