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The SLP, March, LinkedIn and Twitter: What I Learned

This social media experiment has been an interesting one.  When I set my goals for 2018, I really did not think I would learn much about how to market my business as an SLP.    I thought I would learn about each channel and be able to just continue posting everything everywhere.  That’s what that “share” button on Instagram is for, to just share that one piece of content across Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc?  While I have learned that yes, you can do that, there’s more to social media marketing than just that.  See what this SLP found out during her month with Twitter and LinkedIn.

For March, I targeted two unknown channels.  I have had a Twitter account for a while as well as a LinkedIn profile.  You know that feeling when you bring home your first-born child and you realize it is your job to raise this tiny human, but it seems as if the hospital must have forgotten to send home the manual on how to do it.  Then panic sets in.  Yeah, that is how I felt with both!  Actually, I was more comfortable raising my tiny humans than posting anything to Twitter or LinkedIn.  At least I had “manuals” for Twitter and LinkedIn!  (Now, if the hospital could just send me that “Congrats!  You made it to the teenage years.  Here’s how to survive that!” book!!!)

Twitter for the SLP

I found a great book that was really easy to read.  “Twitter: 25 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business” by R. S. Boone is great for the Twitter newbie just wanting to promote their business.  When I first started out,I did not know anything about Twitter.  This book helps you make a great profile, how to find connections, and what not to do.  If you are in private practice or running a TpT store and you have a Twitter account, I definitely recommend this book.

I will admit I am in still in the learning stages of Twitter.  I do schedule my posts on HootSuite, but I still use the free version.  Until I start seeing a major impact on my TpT store and blog, I will probably continue to put very little money into marketing on Twitter.  However, my interactions did increase this month on Twitter.  I added more followers, found people I am following on Instagram and had more retweets this month than ever before, but Twitter is such as fast-moving channel that many tweets go unnoticed.  I post around 3-5 times a day.  Then I try to retweet 3-5 tweets from other SLPs or companies that I follow.

LinkedIn for the SLP

LinkedIn is unlike any other platform.  I rarely posted on there because I had no idea what to do and I did not want to look like I did not know what I was doing.  Then I heard this podcast with a guest named Viveka Von Rosen.  In the podcast, she mentioned she had written a book about using LinkedIn.  I bought a sample of it on Amazon (I read many books on my IPad.).  I was instantly hooked!  I ended up buying “Linked In: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand” and loving it! This book is ridiculously easy to read.  I loved that I could read a section and instantly apply what I had just read.  It is literally a list of 101 ways to improve your profile.

While my profile is FAR from perfect, it is more improved than before!  I am sharing my blog posts relevant to SLPs as well as the occasional TpT product.  My target is to post 3-5 times a week and I am working up the nerve to post videos.  But let’s face it- I have just now gotten comfortable posting videos on Instagram.

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris” is a new podcast I found over the last week.  She was a guest on another podcast I listened to.  She covers LinkedIn on several of her podcasts.  They are relatively short, which makes them great for traveling SLPs.

If you are on either of these platforms, I would love to connect!!

Social Media, Content and the SLP

When I started in January working on a plan to better my social media accounts, I honestly had no idea what I was getting into.  I just knew as an SLP in 2018 that if I wanted to improve my business, I had to learn how to “social media.”  (Yes, I just turned that phrase into a verb!)  So, I started in January on my Instagram.  The word “content” popped up EVERYWHERE!  Planning content, scheduling content, prepping your content calendar…content, content, content!  First, I had to figure out what “content” was.  Then, I had to plan and prep it, schedule it, and post it!  What the heck?!  Where do I even start?

Starting the Social Media Content Planner

I bought a giant calendar at Staples at the first of the year.  This is how I was going to plan content.  When it comes to planning, I am a “paper-pencil” girl.  Technology is great, but I need to physically write things down.  I need to be able to flip the pages to see what is coming up, what has been done, and what needs to be done.  (I cannot be the only paper planner person out there, right?)  In January, I was only planning Instagram content and blog posts on this calendar.  How could I designate which was which?

Cue the college study days when EVERYTHING was color coded!!!  I got out my flair pens that fit my brand colors and started planning!  Instagram posts are hot pink.  Blog posts are light purple.  If I plan to promote a blog post on Instagram, it had a pink AM or PM beside it.  That meant it would either be my morning IG post or my evening IG post.  I did this for the entire month of January.  In February, I added TpT and my blog newsletter.  Both are in turquoise ink.  Now that I have added LinkedIn Twitter, I am changing it up a little.  Still color coded but done differently.  I am experimenting with it right now, so I am not ready to share that process just yet.  But let’s just say my April content calendar looks like a rainbow!

I also have a checklist that I complete each week to make sure I stay on track, even on the road.  Obviously, I can’t take my giant calendar with me.  But between clients or if I have a cancellation, I can work on my posts for the next day or next week easily.  The checklist is not quite ready to share, but I PINKY PROMISE to share once I have it right.

I have many other SLPs reach out to me to say they are wanting to improve their presence on social media.  If you have picked one or two channels, this would be a great way to start planning your content.  I would love for you to tag me on Instagram and share your content calendar!

Prehistoric Speech Therapy: A Dinosaur Craft

This week in speech therapy, our theme was dinosaurs. The past few years I have done the same craft. (You can find it here.) But this year, I wanted to do something a little different. I try to change up the craft year to year to keep things fresh. Speech therapy ROCKED this week with this new craft!!! It was really pretty simple to put together too. Which means it was even more awesome than I originally thought!! SCORE!

Getting the Craft Ready for Speech Therapy

You don’t need many things… or should I say, you don’t need many special supplies. Each kiddo needs a large paper plate, one brad and a dinosaur (Here’s that FREEBIE!!) For the group, you need crayons/markers/dot paints. I chose dot paints! You also need glue.
Cut each paper plate in half with a zigzag pattern. You do a zigzag pattern so that it looks like a cracked egg.


I kept this one super easy! I wrote target words on the eggs. If you work with older kids, they could write their own target words. As the child produced their word correctly, he could choose a dot paint and put one dot on their egg ANYWHERE! I am kind of digging these “freedom” crafts. With each trial, he either produced the word 5x correctly or produced a sentence 3x correctly. We circled through the words several times until we had filled up the egg with paint dots. I placed a small hole on the side of both plates and hinged together with a brad. Then we cut out the dinosaur and glued him to the back of the bottom plate. I only used the top half of the dinosaur because he was a little too long.


Since I work with mostly preschool clients, I target a lot of vocabulary and early grammar skills. So, this week, we either worked on clothing vocabulary or pronouns and verbs. I prepped the craft just as I did for the articulation version. EXCEPT, I used these pictures instead of target words. (Hint…The pictures are free!!) I printed the pictures on bright colored paper. We worked on naming them. Once they were all glued, then we went back and worked on them again. For each one they could correctly name, they chose a dot paint (using 3-4-word phrases, “I” and color words) and painted a dot. For the kiddos working on verbs and pronouns, they had to completely produce a sentence using both correctly.

This craft has been such a hit, the kids are asking if we can do it again next week for Easter. They want a bunny to pop up. I guess that is just what we will do!
If you do this one, I would LOVE to see you post on Instagram and tag me!

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The SLP, March, Twitter and LinkedIn

This month I am continuing my SLP social media boost challenge by learning about two channels-Twitter and LinkedIn. To be honest, I have no clue about either one! If you follow me on either, you will probably notice that I am completely incompetent with Twitter and LinkedIn. If I share anything on Twitter, it is shared from Instagram because of that handy dandy “share” button! Thank you, Instagram, for adding that by the way. With LinkedIn, I am so confused. It’s more of professional forum so do you post pictures of therapy crafts or not? Is just for blog posts or is that still too informal? So, you know how I answered these questions? I DID NOT POST ANYTHING! But I’ve been hearing that LinkedIn is the place to be, “where the cool kids hang” so to speak.

I am currently reading a book called “LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand” by Viveka Von Rosen and Dayna Steele. I am loving this book!!! It’s super easy to read, like it’s basically a list! Once I read a chapter, I go back review it and then apply it to my LinkedIn account. I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to improve their LinkedIn account. Viveka has another book that I have on my Amazon wish list. I plan on reading it once I finish this one.
As for Twitter, I have started intentionally posting on there more, not just sharing from Instagram. Currently, I post about 1x a day which is not near enough. Once I get a handle on my LinkedIn account, then I will start researching for my Twitter. I have a couple of automatic posting apps on my phone but have not used them yet.
If you have been following my blog, you know that I planned a social media channel each month to improve. I am working on my follow up post to February’s focus: TpT and Newsletters. If you want to check out my January focus (Instagram), you can find it here!
Are you joining along in the journey? How is it helping your business?

Why Did I Name My Business “Speech Chick Therapy?”

So, I am sure you are wondering why on earth my business name is Speech Chick Therapy. It’s probably not keeping you up at night but, it may have crossed your mind. In my mind, it’s an obvious answer-I am a chick who does speech therapy. Like any other speech therapist, I was called the “speech teacher” while I worked in the school system. That was never my favorite name. It made me sound like a public speaking teacher. Let’s be honest “Speech Teacher Therapy” just does not have a cool ring to it. When I started working in the home health industry, I called a “doctor,” “nurse,” “lady,” “speech lady,” and “so and so’s friend.” Obviously, none of those were great choices.

Since this was my practice and I had/have no intention of expanding, I wanted something that reflected me. Something spunky, kind of cutesy, and most of all UNFORGETTABLE! I wanted a name that I would not be tired of in 2 years. All that insurance credentialing was not fun the first time around. Why would I want to complete it again to change my name?! When I started the preliminary brainstorm, I knew I wanted pink as my main color. I knew my name had to look cute in pink. Then it hit me one day on my way to work! SPEECH CHICK THERAPY!! It was like the clouds parted, the sun shone down on me and the angels started singing…ok, maybe not that last part! It was perfect. It was girly, looked cute in pink and reflected me! The word “chick” makes me think of fun, spunky, informal, and friendly. It is not stuffy or pretentious at all!

Seven years later, I still love the name. Parents compliment on the name when I go for the initial evaluations. Insurance companies remember when I call…which is big! People remember the name. When people remember the name, guess what they do? REFER!!!! That’s right, when someone remembers your name, they refer their friends, relatives, people they meet at the grocery store!

As you can tell, I am not super formal. However, my business is portrayed in a very professional manner. I make sure parents and children are at ease but also understand what is expected of them. I want people to comfortable. I am in their house 1x-2x a week. The family needs to get a sense of who I am as a person just like I need to get to know them.

If you are thinking of starting your own private practice, be sure to come with a name that people remember. That reflects you or the feeling you want to convey. Many start a practice and have a staff of therapists. Your staff needs to also convey that same feeling. You are developing a brand (which is a whole different subject that I plan to address later in the months to come!!!) Think of this way-if you had a child, what would the prospective therapy company look like? What feeling would it give you? Whatever you come up, GO WITH IT!! My advice will probably differ greatly from anything you’ve read when it comes to naming your practice. This is what has worked for me, but it may not work for you. Just remember, don’t try too hard, don’t force the “feeling,” and be sure you like the name!

Want to know about Speech Chick Therapy? Maybe you’re curious about my logo. Read this blog post!