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Rainbow Craftivities for Speech Therapy

St Patrick's Day Speech Therapy Crafts

St Patty’s Day is rapidly approaching!  I love this holiday.  Not sure if all redheads are genetically wired to like the holiday or if it’s just me.  Either way, I don’t care.  Since I am off on March 17th , we celebrated a little early in our speech therapy sessions.  I took one craft and adapted it to each of my kids to fit their goals.  The beauty of being a home health therapist is you can come up with lots of ideas with your craft materials…while driving down the road.  My best idea came to me between client #4 and Client #5.  It was for client #6.

I prepped for all of my speech therapy clients with the same materials.  White construction paper (for the cloud) and strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple construction paper is what I started with for each kiddo.


Fold your white paper in half and cut out a cloud shape.  I was able to get 2 clouds per sheet.  Take a strip of each color and write target words at one end of each strip.  Before the child can glue a strip to the cloud, he must produce his word correctly 5x (or in a sentence 3x).


Same prep as above for articulation.  On each strip, write 3 things that are that color.  For example, on the red strip, write 3 things that are red.


You need a full piece of white construction paper for this.  Write sentences on the colored strips.  Then cut each sentence into pieces.  The idea is that the client has to put the sentence back together correctly before gluing it to the white sheet.

I adapted the sentence craft for my fluency friends as well.  One of my little friends struggles with light touches so I wrote the word first.  We practiced light touches with it.  Then he made up a sentence using the word.  We wrote the sentence on the strip too.

You can see our other activities for St Patrick’s Day here!

St Patty’s day is fun…so have fun with it!!!

Speech Therapy Theme Review: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun theme to use in your speech therapy sessions.  Maybe it’s the leprechauns or the rainbows or the much sought after pot of gold!  We had fun this week with all things green and gold…and a little rainbow!

St Patrick's Day Speech Therapy Activities


The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover is always a favorite.  The kids can never get enough of the old lady books.  I like this one because it does bring up new vocabulary like daisy (instead of flower), fiddle and leprechaun.

For the young ones that need a shorter story, I used one of my interactive books (“What Do You See? St. Patrick’s Day).  It was a new upload in my TpT shop this week that came in handy with several of my little guys.  You can find it here.

St Patrick's Day Speech Therapy Activities

TpT Activities For Speech Therapy

I used several of my own products as well as a great FREEBIE from Speech Therapy Fun!!  The freebie from Jennifer over at Speech Therapy Fun can be used to address pronouns, following directions and EVEN articulation!!  Be sure to click over there and download your copy before St. Patty’s Day!

As mentioned above, I developed another interactive set which is popular with my young clients.  It includes a book to use in therapy, a “make and take” booklet that works on simple descriptions and a full/empty sorting activity.

Interactive St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

“Where is the Clover?” Cut and Glue Spatial Concept book is an easy low prep activity to help you teach spatial concepts.  It recently received a facelift with a new layout and 2 more pages!  You can make this a NO PREP activity for you by allowing your students to assemble the booklet.

Gold Coin SMUSH boards can help you work on different language goals such as categorizing/describing and object functions.  Just print and laminate as many copies as you need.  Then grab your yellow playdough and get to work!

The last set of activities goes with our Old Lady book.  There is an assortment of articulation and language activities in this packet.

Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

I made mine for less than $5!  I took a plastic bin and stuffed it with green Easter basket grass.  I dropped gold coins in the box with 2 leprechaun hats.  My kiddos working on articulation would practice a target word before “digging” for a gold coin.  My tots practiced the concept of “in” by finding a gold coin and placing it “in the hat.”  We also worked on using that 3 word phrase to tell where the coin was.  My preschool clients worked on using “my” and “your” when placing coins in the hats.  “Where did you put the coin?” with the response being “in my/your hat.”

St Patrick's Day Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy


I used one craft for all of my kiddos.  The tots and preschoolers worked on requesting, colors and following directions.   That’s just one way I used the craft.   I wrote a post about the featured craft.  You can find it here!

St Patrick's Day Speech Therapy Craft

What are some of your favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities?