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More Spider Fun in Speech Therapy!

In speech therapy this week, we had our annual spiders theme.  You can catch my theme review here.  I added some new fun to the weekly plan this year!  So let’s dive right in!

Spider Activities for Speech Therapy

Spider Book for Speech Therapy

I added a new book to the lesson plans and I LOVED this book!  “Aaaarrgghh! Spider!” will keep your kids engaged.  They can help yell “Aaaarrgghh Spider!” as you read the book.  Then I liked how the kids felt bad for the spider when she didn’t feel wanted.  So sweet!

TpT Activities

For articulation drill, I used a simple activity from Panda Speech.  It’s an open ended activity that you just need an ink pad for.  I used my dot paints instead and drew legs on the spiders.  You can grab it free in her TpT store!

I added 3 new spider themed products to my TpT store this week too!  One of my most popular products, vocabulary smash mats, was added with a spider twist!  I love to use interactive booklets in my therapy sessions.  They keep my little ones’ attention as well as help address goals.  You can find my newest one “Spiders on a Web” that addresses colors, the concept of “on” and increasing MLU in the TpT store.  My last new product are my make and take booklets.  This set of booklets addresses different quantity concepts such as the concept of 3 and “more.”

Spider Activities for Speech Therapy

Spider Crafts

I added a new craft and gave a new spin on an old craft.  The first was the web of sounds.  It was pretty simple.  I cut white strips of paper and wrote target words on four of them.  Those were glued in a “snowflake” pattern on the paper as the child said each word.  You could stop there and glue the spider on (black pompom, 2 wiggle eyes and some glitter glue for legs) or you can place smaller strips around the web to finish it off.  It’s up to you.  I did both variations but only took a picture of one!

Spider Speech Therapy Activities

I have several kids working on pronouns and present progressive verbs.  So I made “legs,” printed them on Astrobrights paper and we made spiders!  You can grab the spiders legs for free here!  We worked on requesting “more” or “I need more please” by covering the plate with pieces of black construction paper.

Spider Activites for Speech Therapy

Spider Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was super easy!  I made small traveling one.  I added rice, some black beans and plastic spiders.  The kids had to “catch” spiders with tongs and place them in their cages (ice cube tray).  It was great for fine motor skills, following directions and artic reinforcement.Spider Sensory BIn for Speech Therapy

Need another Halloween  theme?  How about pumpkins?  Do you use apps in your sessions?

I would love to hear your favorite spider activities!


Fluttering Through Speech Therapy

This week is speech therapy, we are talking about butterflies!  This theme is great to stretch from your little ones to school age kids.  It’s the last theme in our bug unit so I try to save the best stuff for last!

Articulation Craft for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

How does one do a butterfly theme and not use “The Very Hungry Caterpillar?”  I mean, seriously, it should be a crime!  I love this book!  You can use it for vocabulary, sequencing, irregular past tense verbs (ate), as well as the butterfly life cycle.  It’s just a great book!

Caterpillar Craft for Articulation

I came up with a new craft this week that goes perfectly with this book.  (Yes, I made be a little proud of myself!)  You need very minimal supplies…single hole puncher, glue, scissors,red, green, purple and yellow construction paper and a copy of the food strip.

How to Make it:

Cut out 2 green circles and 1 red circle.  I cut out yellow ovals for eyes and purple antennas.  A green marker was used to draw smaller ovals in the yellow ovals and a brown crayon was used for the mouth. (You could do it all from paper.)  The child can color the food on the strip.  Once all the foods are colored, have the child produce a target word correctly 5x.  He can then, punch a hole in one of the foods.  Repeat until all 10 foods have a hole punched in them.  They should look like the foods in the book!  Now assemble the caterpillar!  Glue the red and green together (overlapping slightly).  Glue the leaf end of the food strip on the green circle.  Then glue the other green circle to the end of the food strip.  Glue the facial features on the red circle and it’s done!  I wrote the target words on the last green circle.  You can grab the food strip here!

Speech Therapy Craft for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have other activities this week that are butterfly related.  But this one was my favorite!  You could even use this craft for vocabulary or other language goals.  (Mmmmm, maybe I just came up with my first Facebook Live idea?!)

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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Bugs Part 1

Ladybug Fun in Speech Therapy

And this cute butterfly product from my TPT store!

Ladybug Fun in Speech Therapy

A ladybug theme is perfect for spring speech therapy sessions!  Those adorable little spotted insects are loved by {MOST} kids!  Between the books and crafts, the students stay engaged.  Which makes me feel super productive!

Ladybug Activities for Speech Therapy

Ladybug Books for Speech Therapy

“The Very Lazy Ladybug” is a great little story that teaches laziness can keep you from being happy.  The lazy ladybug slept so much that she never learned to fly.  When she needed to move, she piggybacked off other animals.  But she soon realized she could not be comfortable on any animal.  Then the giant elephant sneezes and she has to learn to fly!  It’s a simple story with a really great meaning that can be elaborated on with older kids.

My other favorite ladybug book is great for my little ones!  “Five Little Ladybugs” is simple and fun.  The kids love to see which ladybug will disappear on each page.  I made a playdough smash mat so that as we read the book, we can physically “take away” a ladybug by smashing playdough on it.  (The mat was sent as an exclusive freebie to my subscribers.)

Ladybug Activity for Speech Therapy

Ladybug Craft for Speech Therapy

The craft is perfect for articulation but could also be used to work on basic concepts such as long, short, top, and bottom.  It’s a simple one that requires little to no prep.  I see a lot of preschool and tots so I prep all the materials myself.  If you have older kids, they could TOTALLY do the prep work!

What You Need:

1 sheet of blue construction paper for each child

long and short strips of green paper

red circles

black marker

Ladybug articulation activity

For my artic clients, I wrote the target words on the blades of grass.  Once we glued (and practiced saying each word 5x) all the grass, we practiced each word again.  The dots on the ladybugs tells how many times the child had to say the word before gluing the ladybug on.  As you can see each ladybug has 6 dots.  That means to glue that ladybug on, he had to say a target word 6x.

You could easily work on concepts like long and short as well as top and bottom.  Pair this activity with the “Five Little Ladybugs” book for your young kids.

Ladybug Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

I made another mini sensory bin for my ladybug theme.  Using leftover Easter grass (or you could use beans), add sparkly red pompoms for the “ladybugs.”  The cards are from my “Speech and Language Ladybug Fun” packet.  I put one set  of matches in the bin.  The other set is kept out so that the child can match the cards.

Ladybug Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

What are some of your favorite ladybug activities?

Did a packet of ladybug activities?

Speech and Langauge Ladybug Fun!

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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Bugs Part 1

Our theme this past week in speech therapy was bugs. Kids either love them or hate them! I have a couple that definitely dislike them. But that gave us an opportunity to talk about how we can dislike something but still appropriately react (no, running through the house because a fly flew by is not an appropriate reaction.)  Having bugs as our theme gives a great chance to work on descriptions, categories (fly/no fly), and other language targets.

Bug Theme for Speech Therapy

Bug Books For Speech Therapy

I really liked reading “The Very Quiet Cricket“!  I used it with my kiddos from preschool to 3rd grade. The kids enjoyed the story too!  I liked that it used new vocabulary for bugs.  Instead of just “moth,” there was a “luna moth.”  Eric Carle always does a great job of introducing different creatures in his books!

The other book I used with my young clients was a cute describing book that captures the child’s attention with pop-ups.  It gives a simple description such as “What bug is yellow and black, lives in a hive and has wings on it’s back?”  When you open the flap, a giant honeybee pops out at you.  This book is GREAT for speech therapy!

bug book for speech therapy

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy

My articulation clients used an articulation packet called “Buggy Articulation” from my TpT store.

Buggy Articulation Activities

My language activities came from Let’s Talk Speech Therapy and Panda Speech.

Get Your Bug On!” is a great packet that I used for story comprehension.  The packet also includes activities for categories and vocabulary.  It’s an overall great packet for your school age clients.

Get Your Bug On! Language Unit for Speech Therapy

Panda Speech’s “Spring NO PREP Language Pack” includes some great bug themed activities!  The categories and opposite activities worked great for my young kiddos (4-5 year olds!) as well as my older clients (up to 3rd grade).

Spring NO PREP Language Pack

Sensory Bin Fun!

This sensory bin was super easy.  Remember that Easter grass from last week’s bin?  Just add plastic bugs!  This set of bugs I bought several years ago from Toys R Us.  It includes bugs in big, medium and small sizes.  I love it because then I can use them all to work on simple descriptions such as “find the big ladybug.”

Bug Bin for Speech Therapy

Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft can be used for just about any goal!  I used it for articulation, following directions, requesting, to name a few.  I also used it during a few stuttering sessions to work on using smooth speech to request materials.  All you need is a paper plate ( I used a large one but you could use a small one), black circle for the head and stripes, yellow paper cut into small squares and white cardstock for the wings.

Puzzles for Speech Therapy

I love to use puzzles!!  They are great for artic reinforcement, requesting, matching, increasing utterances and following directions…just to name a few!  I have two Melissa and Doug insect puzzles.  One is the chunky wooden one.

The other is a magnetic puzzle.  I like to have the kiddos say “I caught a {ladybug}” to work on increased utterances and using “I” at the beginning of sentences.

For extra fun, you easily set up an obstacle course with plastic bugs!  Check out the spring time obstacle course…just change out the springtime objects with bugs!

What are your favorite bug activities?