Apple Tree Craft for Speech Therapy

This past week, we had an apple  theme for speech therapy.  We had a sweet smelling sensory bin and some other great activities and books!  But I did love this cute apple tree that I was able to make with most of my caseload.  It helped that it was super easy to prep!

Apple Tree Craft for Speech Therapy

Materials Needed:

1 brown paper sack for each child

1 sheet of green construction paper for each child

I have added the apples pictured below to my Apple Articulation Activities packet.  They address initial F,K,G,S,R,L,SH, CH,J and blends.  I am also attaching a freebie here that is final p,m,b!

Apple Craft Activity for Speech Therapy

Making the Craft in Speech Therapy

This might be one of the easiest crafts on my blog!  You can make this craft a couple of different ways.  Either way, start with a brown paper sack.  Cut a “cloud” shape out of green paper for the top of the tree.  Glue to the front top of the bag.  It is easier to copy these apples on red paper but if you prefer to have the students color them, then white copy paper will work.  Then cut them out.

Now, here’s where you have some choices.  Have the students practice their words.  They can either glue the apples on the tree OR just place them on the tree.  If you choose the second option, put the apples in the bag and send the activity home to practice as a game!  Otherwise, just send the activity home for extra practice.

You can use this activity with any apple themed book you may have on your bookshelf!

What is your favorite apple craft?

Speech Therapy Fun: Wheels on the Bus

Last week, I did a back to school theme even though many of my speech therapy clients do not attend school.  My older clients (that attend school) read “The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books.”  But my littles (tots through early preschool) are just not appropriate for that book.  So we had a week with “Wheels on the Bus!”    Little ones love that song and most were VERY familiar with it!  Here’s what we did last week.

Speech Therapy Activities for Wheels on the Bus

Bus Books for Speech Therapy

Since our theme was “Wheels on the Bus,” I couldn’t just use any bus book.  Pete the Cat: Wheels on the Bus was a hit!  It’s the classic song with a Pete twist of course!  I have this one on my IPad, which is code for ” I bought it the night before I needed it!”  I think I might invest in a stuffed Pete the Cat to go with our wooden bus (from Melissa and Doug).

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus by [Dean, James]

Speech Therapy Activities

I bought a great activity set from Speech Sprouts for my language activities!  Lots of my kiddos are working on answering simple “what” or “who” questions.  She has an awesome activity in there to address these targets.  The set also comes with a cute “NO PRINT” book which I did use with some of my caseload.  Interactive and VERY engaging!

For articulation drill work, I made an activity that you can grab for FREE here!  It’s open ended which means you can print out ONE PAGE for all your articulation needs!  Just write the target words for each on their page.  Easiest prep EVER!

Bus Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft from Glued to My Crafts is so easy and adaptable to many goals for speech therapy.  I used it to drill articulation targets… You know say this word 5x, get 3 pieces of yellow paper.  The same craft was used for my early language kiddos-sign/say “more” or “more yellow”  to request paper to cover the bus.  It was easily paired with action (verb) cards or app to work on -ing verbs and subjective pronouns as well as longer MLU.  You can address concepts like bottom, top, front, back, first, middle and last.  HAVE FUN!

Paper Plate School Bus - Kid Craft

Technology and Toys

You need this app:  The Wheels On The Bus – Sing Along Full Version by Kids Games Club by TabTale

It has a variety of games that I like to use for matching, maintaining attention (to finish a task), picture identification, or a  general reward for working hard in our session.  You can click the link below to take to ITunes.

Wheels on the Bus App for Speech Therapy

Wheels on the Bus Musical Learning App

Melissa and Doug has this cute wooden bus with people that is great for therapy!  I love to use it to address front, middle, back, in, out, stop, go, open and close.  My clients can’t wait to use it when I walk in the door with it!  Since it is wooden, it is super durable and easy to clean with a wipe.

Melissa & Doug School Bus Wooden Play Set With 7 Play Figures

Back to school time is perfect for a “Wheels on the Bus” theme!  I stretched it to cover toddlers through Kindergarten range.

What are some other back to school themes you use?

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy: Part Two

Sadly, almost a year ago, I wrote the part one of this post.  Yes, I know what the heck?!  Well, anyways, I am bringing some fantastic Usborne books to you for your speech therapy sessions.  I am glad I did not write this one soon after I wrote part 1 because I would not have done these books justice.  Not sure what awesome book I am referring to?

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy


These books are so much fun to bring into a speech therapy session!  I have several and really need to add to my collection  ASAP.

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy

Why Do I Love These Books in Speech Therapy?

Attention Getter!

First of all, anytime you can bring a flashlight into the activity, you have the client’s attention.  (Remember, I see individual kids so I refer to them as clients.)  As a kid I loved to make shadow puppets on the wall with the flashlight.  This is similar to that idea except the pictures are in the book, giving you the perfect shape each time!  Let the kids control the flashlight and watch their eyes light up each time turn a page!

Introduction of New Vocabulary

The vocabulary in the books is a good conversation starter.  I know in my Rainforest book, I had no idea a pink dolphin lived in the rainforest and neither did my little friends.  This topic opened up language between us to discuss and use language skills in a structured situation.  If you like Eric Carle books because they bring new animal vocabulary to your clients, you will  like the Shine A Light books for the same reason.


Another great reason to love these books is for inferencing.  Using the clues on the page, can you figure what animal/picture is hiding?  That’s what makes this series great for school age kids!  Take a guess on what is hiding with the kids.  If you are wrong, so what?  Once we discover that our guess was wrong, I go back with the kids and discuss. Did your answer meet the clues?  Maybe it’s an animal we’ve never hear of…like the pink dolphin!

Fits Perfectly Within Your Themes

These books fit great within your themes.  I have several than I use within my thematic therapy sessions.  You can easily take a simple theme, like ocean animals, and take it up a notch with “Secrets of the Seashore.” Sometimes, I have themes are geared to my young clients such as trains.  But when I add “On the Train” to the week for the older kids, I am able to stretch the theme to those kiddos and adequately address their goals!

So What Are Some Of My Favorites?

Besides the “Secrets of the Sea,” these are a couple of my favorites!  I plan  to add the apple tree and the Wonders of the USA soon!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Rain Forest


Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of Winter

Did you miss part one?  You can check it out here!

Light Switch Articulation: Tips for Parents

Parents often struggle with working on articulation at home.  Most parents will correct their child during day to day interactions-which is GREAT!  But the trouble is making it fun!  I have come up with a few ideas in the past to work on articulation such as using flashlights.  Today’s tip is equally as easy!  All you need is a few notecards to write words on and some tape.

Articulation Tips for Parents


Set up for the Activity

Write words with your child’s target sound on index cards.  Only write one word per card.  Tape a card to each light switch your child uses.  Make sure the child flips these switches or has access to these switches regularly throughout the day.  My kids rarely go in my bedroom or bathroom so I would not put cards on either of those switches.  But living room, kitchen, den, hallway, and their bedrooms and bathrooms would all get cards!  Depending on the age of your child, you might even put one on the laundry room switch too!

Addressing Articulation with the Activity

Each time the child enters the room with a light switch card, he has to practice the word correctly 3x.  Once he’s practiced it correctly, then he can carry on as usual in the room!  When he leaves the room, he has to practice the word again 3x before turning off the switch and moving on.

Articulation Tips for Parents

Adapting the Activity

Let’s say your kiddo is not a reader, just use pictures!  Whether you draw them (you go, artsy girl!), use clipart or stickers, find pictures that fit your child’s target sound.

Have a kiddo not in speech?  First of all, not sure why you are reading my blog BUT welcome!!  Second, this activity can easily be adapted for sight words, letters/sounds, simple math, shapes, or colors.

Craving  more parent tips?  Be sneaky with this post.   Or this idea is sure to have you popping!

Letter Board Fun in Speech Therapy

Last summer, the light box was the hit of the classroom.  This has been the summer of the letter board.  All the craft stores have.  Heck, even Walmart and Target are getting in on the fun!  I found my letter board at Walmart earlier in the summer.  I work out of my house so mine often has witty comments (from the kids) or inspirational quotes.  But then I brainstormed a few ideas to use the letter board in speech therapy!

Using Letter Boards in Speech Therapy

Letter Board Articulation

If you are working with a group, have each child come up with a word with their target sound.  Either allow the child to spell their word or you can do it on the letter board.  This would be a great session starter to get the kids thinking about their sounds or end the session with this fun activity.

But if you are seeing clients individually, you can work with the letter board for a large part of the session. Help the child brainstorm words and spell them out on the board.  These can be the words you drill during your game activity!  Then you can take a picture of the  board, send it to mom with a simple text to practice and BOOM-homework set!

Letter Board in Speech Therapy Groups

I think this idea is my favorite!  When I was a school based SLP, I liked to have little “quick starters” for the kids to do while I took attendance, grabbed the group folders , etc.  This idea was inspired by that.  Put 1-2 language tasks on your letter board and place it in a place all of your students can see.  Kids can either complete the tasks on paper or verbal-that’s up to you.  I would suggest that the tasks go with your theme for the week, but it does not have to.  In the picture below, the tasks go with my zoo/jungle animal theme.

Language Activity on the Letter Board

Antonyms/Synonyms on the Letter Board

List a few opposites or synonyms on one side of the board.  Have the kids (taking turns) answer with the opposite or synonym.  Have fun with it!  Discuss the concepts you are discussing.  Give each child a sheet of white paper to draw pictures of one set of synonyms or antonyms.  The visual will help tap into a different learning technique.

Using the Letter Board for Antonyms

Sure you could use a dry erase board and markers, but where’s the fun in that?!  These letter boards are so much fun!  If you find some cheap enough, you could buy 4 or 5 to use with each child in your group!  Each child could have a different task to tackle!

Need another fun idea for therapy?  How about adapting puzzles for artic?