Themed Speech Therapy

Week in Review: Blooming Good Speech!

We started off May with a great week!!  The boys were not very excited about it at first.  But there were some happy little boys that made crafts for their mamas at the end of the week!  We started our week of flowers with a choice of 2 books:  “Planting a Rainbow” and “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed …

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How To Use A Cheap Touch Light for Artic Therapy

SLPs are the masters of turning unsuspecting objects into great therapy tools.  We are also the gurus of visuals.  So when you mix those two talents together, you might get something like this: Touch light artic therapy.  I work with a wide range of ages but the majority of my caseload is preschool.  Often times, my preschool kiddos delete some …

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Parent Tips

Parent Tip: Using Puzzles to Enhance Speech and Language

Kids love puzzles! SLPs love puzzles too!!  Better yet?  Parents usually have a puzzle or two in the house.  Why not use something that your SLP brings and your kids love?  (Yes, there are a lot of questions to start this post.  I will try to stop it!)  Puzzles are so simple yet so great for language and articulation reinforcement.  …

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