Themed Speech Therapy

Ladybug Fun in Speech Therapy

A ladybug theme is perfect for spring speech therapy sessions!  Those adorable little spotted insects are loved by {MOST} kids!  Between the books and crafts, the students stay engaged.  Which makes me feel super productive!

Ladybug Activities for Speech Therapy

Ladybug Books for Speech Therapy

“The Very Lazy Ladybug” is a great little story that teaches laziness can keep you from being happy.  The lazy ladybug slept so much that she never learned to fly.  When she needed to move, she piggybacked off other animals.  But she soon realized she could not be comfortable on any animal.  Then the giant elephant sneezes and she has to learn to fly!  It’s a simple story with a really great meaning that can be elaborated on with older kids.

My other favorite ladybug book is great for my little ones!  “Five Little Ladybugs” is simple and fun.  The kids love to see which ladybug will disappear on each page.  I made a playdough smash mat so that as we read the book, we can physically “take away” a ladybug by smashing playdough on it.  (The mat was sent as an exclusive freebie to my subscribers.)

Ladybug Activity for Speech Therapy

Ladybug Craft for Speech Therapy

The craft is perfect for articulation but could also be used to work on basic concepts such as long, short, top, and bottom.  It’s a simple one that requires little to no prep.  I see a lot of preschool and tots so I prep all the materials myself.  If you have older kids, they could TOTALLY do the prep work!

What You Need:

1 sheet of blue construction paper for each child

long and short strips of green paper

red circles

black marker

Ladybug articulation activity

For my artic clients, I wrote the target words on the blades of grass.  Once we glued (and practiced saying each word 5x) all the grass, we practiced each word again.  The dots on the ladybugs tells how many times the child had to say the word before gluing the ladybug on.  As you can see each ladybug has 6 dots.  That means to glue that ladybug on, he had to say a target word 6x.

You could easily work on concepts like long and short as well as top and bottom.  Pair this activity with the “Five Little Ladybugs” book for your young kids.

Ladybug Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

I made another mini sensory bin for my ladybug theme.  Using leftover Easter grass (or you could use beans), add sparkly red pompoms for the “ladybugs.”  The cards are from my “Speech and Language Ladybug Fun” packet.  I put one set  of matches in the bin.  The other set is kept out so that the child can match the cards.

Ladybug Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

What are some of your favorite ladybug activities?

Did a packet of ladybug activities?

Speech and Langauge Ladybug Fun!

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