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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Presidents and Money

During Presidents week, I modify my speech therapy lessons so that I can use {ALMOST} the same theme all week long.  I connect presidents to money for my younger clients.  For my older clients, we talk about presidents and money.  The little ones don’t quite understand elections, voting and Presidents.  But they know what money is!  So using money makes it a little easier to talk about presidents.  The older clients that are in school talk about all the election and voting stuff…which saves me from explaining it during my speech therapy sessions.


“Duck for President” by Doreen Cornin is definitely a favorite!  The kids recognize Duck from the other story I read during my farm theme (“Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type”). This is the story of Duck climbing his way to the top of the leadership ladder. But as President, Duck realizes life was easier on the farm.

The other picture book I like to use is “A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln.” This book is better for elementary kiddos who have at least heard of Abraham Lincoln and know a little about him. It is a simplified story of his life.

Now, since I work with a lot of preschool clients, neither of these books are appropriate for them. So, I made an interactive book about money that is simple. I like to use it for matching and answering simple “what” questions. The book comes with a sorting activity (quarters and pennies) and a spatial concept booklet for the kids to make. You can also find another simple book in my TpT store as a freebie. “Copper Penny, Copper Penny” is a simple text booklet that follows the rhythm of “Brown Bear.” It also can be used to introduce coin amounts in the simplest form.

Activities for Speech Therapy

Most of the activities used this week will be with the money theme. The kids can sort the plastic coins I have. The set of fake money I have is from Melissa and Doug. Besides the interactive book set, I have a set of vocabulary mats and an articulation packet of activities in my TpT store.

Piggy Bank Vocabulary Mats for Speech Therapy

Presidents and Money Articulation Packet

I have a toy similar to this one below. The kids love it! We can work on the concepts “in” and “out,” requesting “more” and “open,” colors, animals and following direction…just to name a few targets.

The last activity I am sharing with you today is the cherry tree craft. All you need is a brown lunch sack, green construction paper and this freebie of cherries! Print the cherries on red paper or have the students color them red…totally up to you! Write target words on the cherries. As the student says a word correctly 5x, he can place (NOT GLUE) the cherry on the tree. After all the words have been said, take the cherries off and place them inside the bag. Instant homework!!

What other activities do you like to celebrate President’s Day?

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Valentine’s Day

This week, we are all about hearts, pink, red and love in speech therapy! I have a few different books that I use in speech therapy during this week. There are so many great ones out there so it’s hard to pick just one! I can’t pick just one activity to use either. I have several that I enjoy using in therapy. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the idea I posted a few days ago about using the adorable felt envelopes from our favorite dollar bin too. Keep reading to see more ideas!

Valentine Books for Speech Therapy

Years ago, I worked with a diagnostician that was once a kindergarten teacher.  Even though she had been out of the classroom for many years, she kept all of her books and activities.  That’s where my favorite Valentine book came from!  She brought this adorable little book for me to use in speech therapy sessions at the kinder/Pre-K level.  I instantly fell in love with it!

The copy I have is called “Four Valentines in a Rainstorm.” Now it is called “The Day It Rained Hearts.” This is such a cute little book about a girl who catches some hearts in the rain. She uses the hearts to make Valentines for her friends. Each one is specifically designed just them.

Here are the craft activities I used for this book.  One is for articulation while the other was using for kiddos working on verbs.

Of course, another favorite is “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose.” You cannot forget about the old lady who swallows all things Valentine!

Another cute Valentine book is “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” The mouse is almost as popular as the old lady in my speech therapy sessions! I like this one for my young preschool clients.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! (If You Give...)

 A new addition to my Valentine theme is “The Berenstain Bears Valentine Party”. This book is cute because it is a” lift the flap” book!

The Berenstain Bears' Valentine Party

Speech Therapy Activities

There are TONS of fun activities on TpT!!! SLP Tree has an adorable activity for grammar! “Bad Grammar Valentines” works on discovering the grammar mistakes in Valentines and correcting them. I have been using this game for a couple of years. The kids enjoy it and forget they are working!!! Small Talk SLP has another great activity that I use with my older elementary clients. It is a critical thinking activity that gives a profile of an imaginary character. The student must use the clues to choose the right valentine for the character.

My store has two sets to help plan your Valentine therapy. There is a quick print articulation packet that includes open ended activities and a craftivity! The other set is good for your preschool clients. It includes an interactive book, make & take spatial concept book (good for elementary!!) and a sorting activity (works on big and little).

Valentine Quick Print Articulation Activities

Interactive Heart Activity Set for Speech Therapy

What activities do you use for Valentine’s Day?

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Bats

It’s been batty in speech therapy this week!  Literally!  I have several families who don’t celebrate Halloween so I try to find themes that still within the “feeling” of Halloween without actually mentioning Halloween.  Bats was a theme that met that requirement.  I found some cute books and went with it!

Bat Speech Therapy Activities

Bat Books for Speech Therapy

I have a few books I use for bat week in my sessions.  The first is the fabulous Old Lady!  “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat” is just greatness.  The kids love the old lady.  I love the old lady.  Everyone wins!  I use this during bat week because sometimes this theme falls during Halloween week.

Bat Books for Speech Therapy

The next book I love to use with social skills clients!  “Bat’s Big Game” is perfect for teaching different social skills.  It’s the story of a bat who only wants to be on the winning side so he tries switching sides throughout the game.  He gets away with it until Bear catches him and calls him out!  Then he doesn’t get to be on either side.

Bat Books for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Activities

I added several new products to my bat theme this year.  My newest articulation product “Batty About Good Articulation” has 4 activities.  Three of the activities are no prep, open ended activities that can go with just about any bat book.  One of the activities is made to go with the Old Lady books.  The fourth activity in the packet is windsock craft!

Bat Craft for Articulation


For language, I have several clients working -ing verbs.  So I made an entire packet of activities for them.  It includes an interactive booklet, a make and take booklet and a BINGO game!

Bats and Verbs-A Packet of Present Progressive Verbs for Speech Therapy

Another goal I have addressed a lot is quantity concepts!  So I added two make and take booklets that come in a set.  One booklet addresses the concept of TWO while the other addresses the concept of “more.”

You can also find this freebie in another post that is great for spatial concepts and “where” questions.

Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was featured in my cheap activities post!  It just a bag of black beans and some plastic bats from Dollar General!  You can have your students sort them or write numbers on them to work on articulation.

You can also use cute apps for Halloween in your speech therapy sessions.  What else do you like to do during your bat theme?!





More Spider Fun in Speech Therapy!

In speech therapy this week, we had our annual spiders theme.  You can catch my theme review here.  I added some new fun to the weekly plan this year!  So let’s dive right in!

Spider Activities for Speech Therapy

Spider Book for Speech Therapy

I added a new book to the lesson plans and I LOVED this book!  “Aaaarrgghh! Spider!” will keep your kids engaged.  They can help yell “Aaaarrgghh Spider!” as you read the book.  Then I liked how the kids felt bad for the spider when she didn’t feel wanted.  So sweet!

TpT Activities

For articulation drill, I used a simple activity from Panda Speech.  It’s an open ended activity that you just need an ink pad for.  I used my dot paints instead and drew legs on the spiders.  You can grab it free in her TpT store!

I added 3 new spider themed products to my TpT store this week too!  One of my most popular products, vocabulary smash mats, was added with a spider twist!  I love to use interactive booklets in my therapy sessions.  They keep my little ones’ attention as well as help address goals.  You can find my newest one “Spiders on a Web” that addresses colors, the concept of “on” and increasing MLU in the TpT store.  My last new product are my make and take booklets.  This set of booklets addresses different quantity concepts such as the concept of 3 and “more.”

Spider Activities for Speech Therapy

Spider Crafts

I added a new craft and gave a new spin on an old craft.  The first was the web of sounds.  It was pretty simple.  I cut white strips of paper and wrote target words on four of them.  Those were glued in a “snowflake” pattern on the paper as the child said each word.  You could stop there and glue the spider on (black pompom, 2 wiggle eyes and some glitter glue for legs) or you can place smaller strips around the web to finish it off.  It’s up to you.  I did both variations but only took a picture of one!

Spider Speech Therapy Activities

I have several kids working on pronouns and present progressive verbs.  So I made “legs,” printed them on Astrobrights paper and we made spiders!  You can grab the spiders legs for free here!  We worked on requesting “more” or “I need more please” by covering the plate with pieces of black construction paper.

Spider Activites for Speech Therapy

Spider Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was super easy!  I made small traveling one.  I added rice, some black beans and plastic spiders.  The kids had to “catch” spiders with tongs and place them in their cages (ice cube tray).  It was great for fine motor skills, following directions and artic reinforcement.Spider Sensory BIn for Speech Therapy

Need another Halloween  theme?  How about pumpkins?  Do you use apps in your sessions?

I would love to hear your favorite spider activities!


Speech Therapy Theme Review: Scarecrows

What is it about speech therapy and scarecrows?  I love this theme…yes I know, I say that about every one of my themes.  But this one really gets me ready for fall.  Maybe it’s the fact that we dipped into the cooler temps in my area.  Because in Texas, Fall is 83 degrees!

Speech Therapy Activities for Scarecrows


Scarecrow Books for Speech Therapy

Lots of people use this one in a leaves theme unit but I like for scarecrows!  Who doesn’t love the old lady? I like this one because kids do not know how to make scarecrows.  With less and less home gardens, there are less families making a scarecrow or two to keep the birds away from the veggies.  “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves” lends itself to great sequencing and inferencing activities.  You can ask questions like “What does she a pole?” or “What will she do with a rope?”

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves! by [Lucille Colandro]

The Little Scarecrow Boy is a great little story for your older students.  I use it with my clients that are 3rd grade and up.  It’s a classic story of a little boy who just wants to be like his big scary scarecrow dad.  He learns all his dad’s tricks before he sneaks out one morning to scare crows.  It ends with him conquering his fears and goals to be the best scarecrow in all the world.

Speech Therapy Activities

This year I added a few new scarecrow themed activities.    The first one is a packet of activities that include both articulation and language activities that are low to no prep!

Scarecrow Packet for Speech Therapy

The next product is a set of two booklets that address quantities and plurals.

Scarecrow Concept Booklets for Speech Therapy

The very last product is a set of 3 booklets that address spatial concepts, “what” questions and “where” questions.

Scarecrow Spatial Concept Booklets for Speech Therapy

Sensory Bin

This bin is ADORABLE!  The base of everything is some glittery vase filler that I found at craft store.  You could also use unpopped corn kernels which would be totally cute!  Then I added a few mini straw hats, pieces of flannel, a couple of mini pumpkins and leaves, and a handful of plastic acorns.  A few of my little ones are working on -ing verbs, pronouns and sentence structure.  So these little crows I made were perfect!  You can get the freebie here!


Scarecrow Craft

Need an easy craft?  No problem!  All you need are brown paper bags and construction paper!  You could easily substitute the bag for a paper plate.  For my artic clients, I wrote their target words on the scarecrow’s hat.  Other than that, this craft was the same for everyone.

Our week with scarecrows was pretty successful.  What activities do you like to do in the fall?

Need more fun fall activities?  Check out last week’s fun with leaves!