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Speech Therapy Fun: Wheels on the Bus

Last week, I did a back to school theme even though many of my speech therapy clients do not attend school.  My older clients (that attend school) read “The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books.”  But my littles (tots through early preschool) are just not appropriate for that book.  So we had a week with “Wheels on the Bus!”    Little ones love that song and most were VERY familiar with it!  Here’s what we did last week.

Speech Therapy Activities for Wheels on the Bus

Bus Books for Speech Therapy

Since our theme was “Wheels on the Bus,” I couldn’t just use any bus book.  Pete the Cat: Wheels on the Bus was a hit!  It’s the classic song with a Pete twist of course!  I have this one on my IPad, which is code for ” I bought it the night before I needed it!”  I think I might invest in a stuffed Pete the Cat to go with our wooden bus (from Melissa and Doug).

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus by [Dean, James]

Speech Therapy Activities

I bought a great activity set from Speech Sprouts for my language activities!  Lots of my kiddos are working on answering simple “what” or “who” questions.  She has an awesome activity in there to address these targets.  The set also comes with a cute “NO PRINT” book which I did use with some of my caseload.  Interactive and VERY engaging!

For articulation drill work, I made an activity that you can grab for FREE here!  It’s open ended which means you can print out ONE PAGE for all your articulation needs!  Just write the target words for each on their page.  Easiest prep EVER!

Bus Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft from Glued to My Crafts is so easy and adaptable to many goals for speech therapy.  I used it to drill articulation targets… You know say this word 5x, get 3 pieces of yellow paper.  The same craft was used for my early language kiddos-sign/say “more” or “more yellow”  to request paper to cover the bus.  It was easily paired with action (verb) cards or app to work on -ing verbs and subjective pronouns as well as longer MLU.  You can address concepts like bottom, top, front, back, first, middle and last.  HAVE FUN!

Paper Plate School Bus - Kid Craft

Technology and Toys

You need this app:  The Wheels On The Bus – Sing Along Full Version by Kids Games Club by TabTale

It has a variety of games that I like to use for matching, maintaining attention (to finish a task), picture identification, or a  general reward for working hard in our session.  You can click the link below to take to ITunes.

Wheels on the Bus App for Speech Therapy

Wheels on the Bus Musical Learning App

Melissa and Doug has this cute wooden bus with people that is great for therapy!  I love to use it to address front, middle, back, in, out, stop, go, open and close.  My clients can’t wait to use it when I walk in the door with it!  Since it is wooden, it is super durable and easy to clean with a wipe.

Melissa & Doug School Bus Wooden Play Set With 7 Play Figures

Back to school time is perfect for a “Wheels on the Bus” theme!  I stretched it to cover toddlers through Kindergarten range.

What are some other back to school themes you use?

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Zoo Animals

Zoo Animal week in speech therapy was WILD!  (Yes, I know that was the easy and obvious joke.)   It was fun and very engaging for the kids…which is when the best language comes out!  Here’s what we did this past week!

Zoo Animal Activities for Speech Therapy

Zoo Books for Speech Therapy

If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo

I love this book!  (I know, I know…you’ve heard this one before!)  This book is great and you need to add it to your collection.  Why?  It gets the kids talking!  It’s the story of a little girl who asks an animal keeper each Saturday if she can keep an animal.  Of course, she is told “no” each time.   Leslie (the little girl) provides a reason why she can keep each animal… she has plenty of bananas for the monkeys.  But she reminds the zoo keepers that “if anything ever goes wrong at the zoo” they can bring the animals to her house.

Of course, they end up bringing the zoo to her when it floods!  I usually end the book reading with  the question “What animal could you keep at your house?”  One year, I even had the kids write a letter to a zookeeper giving reasons why they could keep an animal at their house.  I found someone who knew a zookeeper and agreed to let the kids write them letters.  I also wrote a letter, telling what book we read and why the kids were writing letters.  BIG HIT with the kids!

Zoo books for Speech Therapy

Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?

How could you do a zoo theme and not use this book?  While the book above was used for my older clients (1st grade and up), this book was used with my preschoolers and kindergarteners.  You can work on naming animals, imitating animal sounds and answering/asking  “what” questions…all possible targets for kiddos that age!

Zoo Boosk for Speech Therapy

That’s Not My Monkey

Like those books with textures for your little bitty clients?  Here’s another one for you!  Keep the little clients engaged and interacting with this book.  See here why I love this books!

Picture of That's Not My Monkey

Speech and Language Activities

Wild About Artic!  Speech Therapy Materials

Wild About Artic! Speech Therapy Materials
Six open ended activities that are easy to no prep! Perfect for zoo, jungle or rainforest themes! It is located in my TpT store.

Who’s in the Zoo? An Interactive and Adaptive Book

Who's in the Zoo? An interactive & adaptive book
This great resource is from Panda Speech on TpT! I love her interactive books. You definitely need to add this one to your zoo theme!


Sensory Bin

I literally threw this together just as I was about to walk out the door one morning. Found these small plastic animals at Michael’s and they fit perfectly in my small sensory box.  The beans were added and DONE!  Or you could add some shredded green paper (as grass) or sand, but I did not have that on hand.



I loved the crafts for this week!  I am only sharing one of them at this time and this zebra ended up so adorable! We used a paper plate for the face.  The kids glued on stripes, ears, hair, nose, and eyes.  For the artic clients, I wrote their target words on each stripe.  I used a white crayon so that you could see the words.  This craft also helped my vocabulary kids because many could not name a zebra.

You can check out some of my other animal themes such as ocean animals.

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Ocean

Last week we talked about the beach in speech therapy.  It was only fitting that we have an ocean theme this week.  Sometimes, I am really on top of my game and I coordinate this theme with Shark Week.  But this year?  Guess I wasn’t on top of things.

Ocean Speech Therapy Activities


Ocean Books for Speech Therapy

I have a few different ones that I use, depending on goals, attention span and such.  The one I used the most is “The Commotion in the Ocean.”  My version is a pop up book so it’s shorter than the paperback format.  Kids love lifting the flaps to find the starfish hidden (HINT: SPATIAL CONCEPTS!!)

Ocean book for speech therapy

For my tots and young preschoolers, I used a great little hidden picture book.  (I can’t remember where I found it but you can find it here.)  It’s short and to the point and engaging!!!  My little guys could not wait for me to slide the picture into view!

Ocean Book for Speech Therapy

My last book was used for my older kiddos.  Usborne and More has a great series called Shine the Light.  It is super freakin’ awesome is what it is!  But wait…I am just talking about the Secrets of the Seashore in this post.  You will have to wait on my “elaborate love fest” post for these books later this month.  Grab a flashlight ( I used the one on my phone) and your clients are instantly ENGAGED throughout the entire book!  I included a link above to a dear friend’s shop (so you are supporting her little family completely.  No affiliate link here!) for you to shop this book.  You better go ahead and a grab a few more because I have LOTS more recommendations coming at you!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Seashore

Ocean Activities for Speech Therapy

I currently have an interactive positions book for ocean animals in my TpT store.  It is a top seller.  Make sure you are following my TpT store to get all the updates on new products!

Ocean Animal Positions! Interactive Book

Some other great toys I used was Melissa and Doug’s magnetic puzzle as well as their chunky wooden puzzle.  (Both are HUGE favorites with the little guys!)  This counting fish toy is another huge hit.  I use it work on colors, requesting more, and the concept “in.”

Ocean Activities for Speech Therapy

And that app?  It’s adorable and you need it in your therapy session!  It’s called “Peek-A-Boo Sea” by doo dah boo dreamware solutions.  There is also a “Peek-A-Boo Ocean” made by the same company.  Super cute and super interactive!

Ocean Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft was so easy to put together!  All I needed was purple paper, strips and eyes!  I cut out an octopus head and 8 strips for the tentacles.  For the activity below, my little friend had to name the animal and then use the carrier phrase “I see a…” to work on increased MLU.  My artic clients had strips with their target words on them.  They had to produce them 5x before gluing the tentacle on.  For older kids working on grammar, they can write sentences with correct grammar on each tentacle.

Octopus craft for speech therapy

You could easily pair this theme with a beach theme!

What’s your favorite ocean animal themed activity?

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Watermelons

To finish up May, we had a watermelon theme for our speech therapy sessions. (Yes, I know…a little behind)  It was lots of fun for the kids.

Watermelon Theme for Speech Therapy
The book we read was probably my favorite part of the week. “The Watermelon Seed” is about a crocodile who loves watermelon until he swallows a seed. Then he panics as he visualizes the watermelon growing inside his stomach. We’ve all been there as a kid, right? I know my grandpa had me convinced a watermelon would grow in my stomach if I swallowed a seed.

Watermelon Seed, The by [Pizzoli, Greg]

Watermelon Craft for Speech Therapy

Our craft was an easy one that was adapted from articulation sessions to preschool language sessions to school age language to fluency.  Yep, I covered just about everyone with this craft!  You don’t need much…pieces of red and green construction paper, glue, black beads and a sheet of construction paper for each student.  ( I used yellow to put our watermelons on).  We glued a row of green construction paper pieces first.  Then filled it in with red.  To top it off, we used black beads as the watermelon seeds.

Watermelon craft for speech therapy

Articulation clients had to produce a target word 5x in order to get 2-3 pieces of paper for the craft.  As you can see we got in lots of reps!  My tots and preschool clients had to request colors like “I want green” or “more red please.”  With my school age and fluency clients, I made a print out that was glued to the bottom of their craft.Watermelon Craft for Speech TherapyTo finish off the week, I gave out watermelon flavored juice mixes.  I have several clients with  food allergies or restricted diets, so this is a reward most of my kiddos can have.  They can just mix it with a bottle of water!

Watermelon Theme for Speech Therapy

Watermelons is a perfect theme for the summer whether you are summer school SLP or a year round therapist like me.  If you are able to bring in watermelons for a snack, that’s even better!!

Check out my TpT store for some of my watermelon themed activities!

Watermelon Articulation Packet

Watermelon Concept Book for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Frogs

This week in speech therapy we are talking about frogs.  I like it when a theme gives me language lessons without much effort on my part.  The theme lends itself to great describing words like slippery, slimy and gross!

Frog Books for Speech Therapy

I have two favorites that I always use for my frog theme.  I should probably shop for a new one but I love these two!

“The Wide Mouthed Frog” is by far my favorite!  Pop-up books are so much fun with preschoolers.  This book also uses descriptive words for each of the animals.  I made a character analysis (you can find it in my frog packet) that is great for using the descriptive traits and recalling facts from the story.

Frog Book for Speech Therapy

“The Icky Sticky Frog” is another favorite.  The story is slightly longer (but not by much).  The preschool population will still enjoy this book.  This book has great sound effects which will make the kids want to join in!  “Shhhhh” and “Slurp” are great for your articulation clients!

Frog Books for Speech Therapy

Sensory Box for Frogs

This sensory bin is so super easy!  It can easily be put in your lesson plans for speech therapy.  I made mini box to make it easier to travel with.  These materials in a larger box/bin would be tons of fun too!  I put plastic frogs (of different sizes) and blue water beads in my bin.  We sorted big/little frogs, followed directions, worked on “in” and “out,” as well as used them with our vocabulary mats.  So easy and fun!

Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

Frog Crafts for Speech Therapy

I have two crafts that I choose from during frog week.  One of them is in my frog packet (you can find it here!)  For this craft, all you need is a paper bag for each child, a frog face (in the packet), a strip of red construction paper and the target words (also in the packet). Color the frog face, cut out and glue on the flap of the paper bag.  Cut out the target words.  Fold the red strip accordion style.  Glue the “tongue” (red strip) under the bag flap.  As the child practices the words correctly, he can glue a target word on the tongue.

Frog Articulation Activity

The second craft is just as easy!  Paint a large paper plate green.  Fold in half.  Cut out 2 large circles from green paper.  Cut 2 medium circles from white paper. On the white circles, color a black circle on each.  Glue the green circles on the fold of the plate.  Then glue the white circles on the green circles. Those are your frog’s eyes.  Cut a long strip from red paper to make the tongue. Roll around a pencil so that it is curly.  Glue the tongue in the fold of the plate.  Done!  You have a frog!

Frog Craft for Speech Therapy

Game to Use In Speech Therapy

I have a game I love to use!  It is great for problem solving.  “Hoppers” is great for older kids.  I use it with my elementary age clients as well as my fluency clients.  Set the puzzle up and jump all the frogs until only the red frog remains.  I like the critical thinking the kids have to do in order to solve the problem.

Frog Game for Speech Therapy

Be sure to check out some of my other spring themes like bugs or butterflies!

Shop my TpT store too!  You can find a cute interactive frog book that addresses “under”!