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Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Books

While I try to read as much as I can, it doesn’t always work out. But today, I am bringing you five of my favorite books (make that recent favorites). Not all are speech therapy related or business related. Some are just for fun.  Summer’s not quite over for you school SLPs, so you still have plenty of time to get one last fun read before school starts!

Speech Chick's Favorite Books


I read #GIRLBOSS a couple of Christmas breaks ago.  It was after the holidays and I was feeling a little bored so I started researching books on Amazon.  I’ve never been a “boring business” book but this one looked interesting.  I bought it and read that baby cover to cover in less than 2 days!  It was exactly what I needed-the motivation to start the new year off right.  I started listening to her podcasts not longer after I went back to work to keep the motivation up.  Even though Sophia is in the fashion industry, I still felt her struggles.  New business struggle is the same in every industry.  How will brand my business?  What do I do to get my name out there? Where is my next paycheck coming from??  Those were all things I worried about what I started Speech Chick Therapy almost seven years ago.  I loved that she was honest about her struggles and why she started her clothing business.  Overall, a great motivating book!

#GIRLBOSS by [Amoruso, Sophia]


How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul

I have no idea if I ever plan to profit from this blog (aka affiliates and advertising) but I like this book.  It’s easy to read.  I love the action plans that are at the end of each chapter!!  Ruth takes the information she’s just given you and simplifies into a short “to do” list.  I have already read it once but recently started re-reading it…just in case I missed something!  Again, she goes through her struggles of why she started her blog and getting people to read her blog.  Ruth started with more than one blog!  I could not imagine trying to write more than one blog!!!  It’s an awesome book to learn to profit from your blog without being a cheeseball salesperson.

How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by [Soukup, Ruth]

The Unidentified Redhead

Not going to lie…I picked this book up based solely on the title!  The Unidentified Redhead is great fun read for those times when we actually get to read for fun!  It’s about a mid-30’s actress who was washed and lands a new hit show.  She also catches the eye of the newest 20 something “it boy.”  Follow the twists and turns in their relationship as she remains his “unidentified redhead” to the paparazzi.  I took this book to the beaches of Destin, Florida and couldn’t put it down!  Definitely one to read in your downtime!

The Unidentified Redhead (The Redhead Book 1) by [Clayton, Alice]

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I read this book several years ago (way before it was a movie) and loved it!  I am not sure if it was the mysteriousness of the characters, the special characteristics of the children or the odd relationship between the main character and his father.  Again, this is another fun read!  No therapy or work or business language.  Just a boy who sees monsters, a girl that floats and a lady that turns into a bird.  I suggest reading the book before you watch the movie.  No particular reason…that’s just how I roll.  Book before movie.  I haven’t read the other two in the series but hopefully will get time (eventually!)

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Book 1) by [Riggs, Ransom]

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

This one hit me right in the feels!  The story begins in 1964. It’s about a doctor who delivers his own set of twins.  The boy is born perfectly healthy.  The girl, he recognizes immediately has Down’s Syndrome.  Without telling his wife, he asks his nurse to place the child in an institution.  However, the nurse keeps the baby, moves away and raises the child as her own.  Amazing story with a sad reminder of how special needs children were treated back then.  As I read this book, I thought of every child I had ever worked with Down’s.  I thought of how amazing each kiddo was.  I could not imagine seeing them any other way…or any child for that matter.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter: A Novel by [Edwards, Kim]

So for right now, those are the books I am crushing right now.  Who knows…in a month I could have a whole new list.  What are some of your favorite reads?


Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Accessories

The best part of any outfit is what you put with it.  Today’s Friday Favorites are brought to you by accessories!  Even though I work with kids (some that are very little), I still like to look professional in my scrubs.  Scrubs can make me look frumpy and careless.  Put a pair of scrubs with a cute graphic tee and earrings, maybe a bracelet or two and BOOM…you look cute!  The accessories I chose are very much “job approved.”  I have worn each and every one of them while working with a rambunctious 2 year old!

What the SLP Wore

Accessory #1: Nickel and Suede

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE Nickel and Suede leather earrings!  My goal is to have a pair in every color so that I can wear them everyday.  (My goal is a true goal- The SLP will purchase a set of earrings from Nickel and Suede each week until she has purchased all pairs listed on their website.)  I order the small size but you can choose from small, medium and large.  They are lightweight.  I honestly forget that I have them on most days.  The best part about these earrings is they add instant and style to your outfit, without even trying hard.

What the SLP Wore

Accessory #2: Ermish Bracelets

In order for me to like a bracelet, it has to make it through one of my busiest days without annoying me.  If I take it off midday because it got on my nerves, then I probably won’t ever wear it again.  It cannot be loose or have a clasp.  That’s why Erimish bracelets have become a favorite!  You can wear single bracelets but they look the best stacked!  They are not cheap by any means but I also do not get the big bulky bracelets.  I buy the smaller ones and only wear about 3-4 maximum.  They don’t interfere with therapy and are seldom a distraction.  (However, we all know if a little one wants to get out of working, they’ll find a distraction!)  You can also find necklaces and other accessories!

What the SLP wore
All the heart eyes for this stack!!!

Accessory #3: Kinsley Armelle

This is a newer discovery on social media.  I LOVE my Kinlsey Armelle bangle!  This company is based in Texas so of course, it had to go on my list!!  (I love my Texas shops!!!)  I recently purchased a bangle in blush.  BEAUTIFUL!  While it does fit loose, it stays on my wrist and does not interfere with therapy.  I wear it a lot!  I will usually pair it with some Erimish bracelets.  You can also find earrings and necklaces on this site.  Another impressive thing about Kinsley Armelle is the fast shipping!!!  I think it took 2 days from the time I ordered until the time is was on my arm!

Accessory #4: Kimonos & Cardigans

Since it is summer time while I write this, I am going to talk more about kimonos.  I have a couple of bright colored ones that I will wear with scrub pants and a graphic tee.  Of course, if you pair it with jeans or a skirt, it looks great too.  Kimonos are great for dressing up a fun tee.  Add a little bling (like the 3 above), some cute shoes and you are ready with little to no effort!  Kimonos like this one add some great color to a simple outfit.  Once the weather starts to cool off, I go to be my “collection” of cardigans.  ( I am planning on entire post on that in the fall!)

Accessory #5: Converse

No, I’m not sponsored by Converse.  But I do love their shoes!  I won’t say I have a pair in every color, but I have quite a few pairs (There is a reason the shoe has already been part of my logo!)  A graphic tee, light sweater, couple of cute accessories and your converse…you have a cute comfy outfit without even trying.  It’s like you can’t go wrong!  Plus, these shoes go with EVERYTHING!  Scrub pants, shorts, pants, capris, wedding dresses…the list goes on and on.  I just designed a pair on their website.  I am counting down the days until they get here.  I may very well take off work the day of scheduled delivery so that I can accept them personally from Mr. Delivery Man.  (Actually, no I won’t do that!)

So there you have it.  Another Friday Favs with Speech Chick!  I did not add purses or other bags because I was aiming for this to be about what you could wear to work whether you wear dress clothes or scrubs.  I added links to find everything.  There are no sponsors so anything you buy goes directly to the company.  I just really love these accessories and wanted to share with you!

Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Graphic Tees

During the month of July, I decided to change it up a little.  You know, write about something other than speech therapy stuff.  It’s my birthday month so I figured I’d write about some my favorites.  The first favorite is graphic tees!  Seriously, if graphic tees could be a stock on NYSE, I would buy a huge chunk of it!  (That’s legit stock trader talk, right?)  I wear tees pretty much everyday with my scrub pants.  They let me exercise my personality without being over the top…and without giving up too much comfort!

Speech Chick's Fav Graphic Tees

I have some favorites that I am bringing to you today.  These are in no particular order because… picking a favorite tee is like picking your favorite kid.  It’s just not possible.

“But First Tupac” from One Messy Bun 

When I saw this shirt pop up on One Messy Bun’s social media, I knew I had to have it.   It brought back memories of high school and hanging out with my friends…you know that younger, simpler time.  One Messy Bun does have some comfy tees though!  I can put this shirt on with a pair of scrub pants and go.  I don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable and fidgeting with my clothes.

“Unicorn Tee” from Lexi’s Loft

This is a new tee to my collection but it quickly rose to the top.  I mean, who doesn’t love unicorns?!  We all have those things we really wished we could get out of.  The tee provides the perfect (and sarcastic) excuse…I need to walk my unicorn.

Lexi's Loft Unicorn Tee

“You Your You’re” from Thread Tank

As an SLP, what’s not to love about this tee?  It’s all about the grammar baby!

The Ultimate SLP tee

“Building My Empire” from Trendy Sparrow

I love this tee!  When I wear it, I feel empowered.  It makes me feel like a total girl boss.  I pair it with a bright pink scrubs, black converse and a little bling (usually simple pearl earrings).  Whether you are self-employed or not, you are always building your empire.  TeachersPayTeachers creators are a prime example!

Ultimate SLP boss Tee

Literally ANY shirt from Oliver and Otis

This company is from Texas…so OF COURSE, I love them!  They have great tees that are comfy and are easily dressed up or down.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many of their shirts I have.  While several of their shirts are centered around the lone star state, many are not (like this one below).  They have great little sayings on them that provide a positive word.  My favorite is the one that says “Make everyone feel like a somebody.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 7.11.45 AM.png

“Autism Puzzle Piece” from Blue Envelope 

I super puffy heart this shirt from Blue Envelope!  Perfect for the month of April (Autism Awareness Month) or anytime of year!

Autism Awareness Puzzle Tee


Bonus Fav: “Your Words Matter” by Nicole Allison and Rachel Jones

This one I am afraid is no longer available.  But I love it!  The purple, the message, the feel…just everything is greatness!  I get more compliments on this shirt from non-speech therapists so I know the message is getting out there!


These are just a few of my favorites that I thought I would share with you!  I provided links to all of them so feel free to shop!  I receive NO compensation for any sales.  These are just truly some of my most favorite, MOST WORN tees.  Grab you some cute new tees just in time for school to start back up!

Next Week’s Friday Favs: ACCESSORIES! (heart eyes emoji!)


Why Am I A Traveling Speech Therapist?

Why am I a traveling speech therapist?  Why do I choose to leave the comfort of my home office to see kids in their home or daycare? Why don’t I just work for the schools?  I often ask myself this very question…especially during the winter…or heavy rainstorms.  When the weather stinks, the day tends to drag.  I think of all my school based and clinic based SLP friends all warm and cozy in their therapy rooms…not driving.

Traveling Speech Therapist

Here’s a few reasons I do all of the traveling.

Convenience for the Family

It’s much easier for me to bring the materials and drive myself than it is for mom to get out with little ones.  Whether she has one kid or 9, it’s more convenient that I do the traveling.  Many of my current clients homeschool.  The children’s school time is cut down when mom has to load everyone up to sit in a waiting room while little Johnny gets speech therapy.  Sure they could do some school work in the waiting room, but let’s be honest…not going to happen!  Since I travel to them, school time can go on as regularly scheduled.

Another convenience to traveling is I can reach the kiddos who do not have transportation.  Many times when I worked in the clinic setting, I would have parents call to cancel simply because they did not have a car or it was broken.  I even have moms that have never gotten a driver’s license!  If they don’t have a license, they are not about to drive their kid to therapy!  Sure Medicaid can provide transportation but would you want to be stuck on a bus ALL DAY with strangers and your exhausted toddler?  Didn’t think so.

Less Cancellations

I cannot tell you how many cancellations I would have when it was storming outside.  Streets flooding, electricity going out equals a ton of cancellations!  The same for extremely cold temperatures.  We live in Texas.  When it gets cold (like 30 degree temps), we don’t know how to act…SERIOUSLY.  So I took that factor completely out when I became the one traveling.  Because I will do therapy by candle light when the electricity goes out.  I will be the one soaked from traveling house to house.  But it’s ok!  I am doing what I love to do!  Less cancellations means less make up sessions…which means more time to take care of “office stuff” on Fridays.

Speech Therapist Becomes Family

It’s different when you go into the home.  You become one of the family eventually.  I am in people’s houses twice a week every week.  The siblings look forward to my visit as much as my client does.  Families are more relaxed at home so you see their true self.  It’s amazing!  I love the moms that apologize for a messy kitchen or an unswept floor.  Guess what?  It’s ok.  I am walking into your life for 30 minutes today.  Life happens.  You can also see how the client interacts with the family at home.  It is a much more real picture of the child than sitting in a therapy room at a sterile clinic.  This is the best perk of traveling… seeing the family life!

Since you are working with he child in the home, carryover is a little easier to work on.  When you work in a clinic or school, once that child walks out of your room, he won’t think about speech again until the next session!

So, in short, do I enjoy the driving and hauling bags of toys and playdough around?  No.  But what I do enjoy is the REASON I drive around hauling toys and playdough!

My List of “Must Haves” for the Traveling Speech Therapist

I have been a traveling speech therapist for the better part of 10 years.  During that time, I have learned the “ins and outs” of having a successful day when your vehicle is your office.  There are many more “must haves” but these are the basics!

1.  Phone and charger:  This seems like an obvious but we all know that one person whose phone is always dead before lunch.  I am on my phone a lot!  I run all of my social media during the day through my phone.  Apps tend to suck a lot of juice from your phone.  Parents need to be able to get in touch with me in case they need to cancel or reschedule.  I have some parents that shoot me a text to warn me little johnnie is having a bad day.  Needless to say, my phone does not last the day without a charge session.

2.  Charged IPAD:  Again, another obvious!  Nothing stinks worse that pulling your ipad out to work on articulation and it’s dead!  Trust me, not a good start to the day!

3.  Laptop with flashdrives:  I always have my laptop with me.  If I am running a 10 minutes early to a client, I can proofread my newest product.  During lunch, I can write a report or bill insurance.  An unexpected cancellation means I have time to start a new blog post.  if I can check things off my “to Do” list before I get home, it is an awesome feeling!

4.  Schedule/calendar:  I’m old school.  I actually go the office supply store (which i love to walk around when I have time) and buy an actual planner!  Shocking I know!  I have tried to use calendar apps and I just can’t do it.  After I see a client, I check them off in my calendar.  If they paid for sessions, I mark it in my calendar.  If they cancel, it gets marked in my calendar.  I even write “to do” lists on each day in my calendar.  It’s a struggle if my schedule is left at home!

5.  Trusty bag:  I have been through a few different bags to carry my speech stuff.  Right now, I have a great backpack.  It has pockets everywhere and all my stuff fits.  I had a great bag from LL Bean but I tended to stuff way too much stuff in it.  Then my shoulders and back hurt all the time.  (I took it in to doctor’s appt once to work while i waited.  they weighed it…it was 30lbs!  I got in trouble for carrying too much crap.)  Whatever bag you decide on, it needs to be sturdy and have plenty of pockets/storage!

6.  Mileage app:  I use “Milebug” but there are many out there.  Download one on your phone and keep up with your miles!  “Milebug” will turn all my miles into a nice table at the end of the year.  Then I just use that when I do my taxes.  It is super easy to record your miles between each visit.

7.  Containers for clean and dirty toys:  Once a toy gets used, it goes in the dirty toy bin.  I keep disinfecting wipes in my vehicle so if I have a chance I will wipe the used toys down.  I tend to use certain toys for certain kids so I usually  clean at the end of the day.  The toys that can be ran through dishwasher get a good bath that way.  Main thing is to keep the toys separated!

8.  Rainboots:  You laugh but nothing is worse than stepping in a water puddle first thing in the morning and your shoes & socks stay wet and cold all day!  I have two pairs-an insulated pair of rainboots and a regular pair.  They are easy to slip off as you go into a client’s house.

9.  Knowledge of your service areas:  Again, you think i am kidding.  But as a home health therapist, it’s important to know which gas stations have the cleanest facilities.  I cover 3 counties.  In each one, I know the cleanest bathrooms and which places have wifi.  I know which ones stock my favorite candy and which ones have the cheapest gas in town.

10.  Google maps:  You need this one!  I have gotten sketchy directions from people over the phone.  I have talked to parents who seriously could not tell me how to get to their house…seriously!  Google maps has clarified many wrong street names or even the wrong side of town.  No doubt someone will tell me “Oh I am only about 5 minutes from that Mcdonald’s.”  Only to find out they are actually 35 minutes from that Mcdonald’s!

This list was really hard to narrow down.  A couple of other added “needs” would be hand sanitizer in the vehicle and backpack and long johns!  In the past 10 years, I have had families that did not have heat in the winter.  Scrub pants are just not thick enough during those winter months either.  Invest in a pair of thermals to wear under your pants.  You’ll thank me later!

Are you a traveling therapist?  What are some of your “must haves”?