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Train Craft for Speech Therapy

A couple of weeks ago, I did a train craft for speech therapy.  The boys loved it!  I am not sure what it is about boys and trains.  But I have discovered that anything train related is an absolute YES with my speech therapy clients!!  It helps that this was a simple craft too!

Train Craft for Speech Therapy

This train was RIDICULOUSLY easy to make.  I am going to share how I used it with articulation and language clients!

Prepping the Materials for Speech Therapy

Each child needs:

1 sheet of black construction

1 big rectangle, 1 square, 2 triangles, 5 small circles, 1 small rectangle

(cut one triangle in half and use 1 half for the front)

thin strips to stretch across the wheels

1-2 cotton balls (for engine smoke)

I told my kiddos to pick what colors they wanted everything to be   (HINT:  They had to use descriptive words then!  Such as “I want a blue triangle”)  I was able to work on shapes and colors with the little ones.

Articulation Therapy

I wrote target words on each piece of the train.    Each time they produced a word correctly 5x, I gave them that piece to glue on the black construction paper.  Easy enough, right?!  Once it was completed, they had a cute train craft that also doubled as a homework assignment…SCORE!

Articulation Train Craft for Speech Therapy

Language Therapy

I see mostly preschoolers for language therapy.  Some are working on increasing their MLU while others are working on following directions, simple descriptives (like big and little), simple spatial concepts (like on, in), shapes and colors.  This craft allowed me to address all of this!  Kids first had to request the piece they needed by saying “I want the blue square.”  Then we practiced understanding the of “on” or “under,” talked about what shape/color it was and if it was big or little.

Language Train Craft for Speech Therapy

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Cupcake Craft for Speech Therapy

During “Pinkalicious” week, we made a cupcake craft as our speech therapy activity.  It was pink, adorable and looked good enough to eat!  The best part about it was the easy prep!  Of course, the cupcakes we made were pink but you could easily use other colors.

Cupcake Craft for Speech Therapy


half of a paper plate for each child (I used the big plates)

1 “cupcake liner” made from scrapbook paper

pieces of pink tissue paper (or any color you desire)

red pompom (cherry) for each student (optional)

confetti (sprinkles) OPTIONAL

Using the Craft During Speech Therapy

It’s simple.  Prep everything ahead of time if you work with little ones.  Cut the bottom part of your cupcakes from scrapbook paper or construction paper.  Cut your tissue paper into small squares.  I used a heart shaped hole puncher for my “sprinkles” but you could use confetti or even real sprinkles.


Give the child the paper plate half.  For each word, she can produce correctly 5x, glue 3 tissue paper squares on it.  Repeat until the paper plate is covered in pink.  Then glue the bottom on the plate.  As she says another target word correctly, she can add sprinkles.  For the last target word said correctly, she get the cherry on top!  Write the target words addressed on the cupcake liner (aka the scrapbook paper).


You can use it as reinforcer like above as one option.  Perform a language task, earn a piece of the craft.  I used the craft to work requesting, as well as teaching the concepts “top” and “bottom.”  My little friend had to request “more” each time she needed more tissue paper.  Then we talked about the sprinkles and cherry go on the top of the cupcake, while the stripes (the liner) goes on the bottom.

The cupcake craft worked well for my speech therapy sessions.  It helped me address all my clients’ goals while still having fun!  Then I needed to come home and eat a cupcake!  You could easily use this craft with “Camilla the Cupcake Fairy” or “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.”

You can check out my activity packet on TpT that goes with “Pinkalicious” as well as see the other activities we did this week!



Hot Air Balloon Craft for Speech Therapy

During our air transportation week, we talked about airplanes, rockets, helicopters and hot air balloons.  You could say we “flew” through our activities that week in speech therapy.  (Sorry, terrible joke, I know!)

I found this craft on Pinterest.  But as always, I changed it up and adapted it to fit my needs.  I find most of my kiddos do not know what a hot air balloon looks like.  We live in Texas so there’s really desire to want to float even closer toward the sun.  It’s hot enough on the ground!  So we look at pictures and talk about how they work.

I used this craft primarily for articulation.  However, I also used it with my little ones who are working on 2-3 word phrases, colors as well as my preschool clients that need help asking questions.

Hot Air Balloon Articulation Activity


1 paper plate for each student (I used large size plates but you can use small ones)

1 sheet of brown construction paper

Assorted squares of construction paper (any colors-I choose 3-4 colors)

Glue, scissors

Prepping the Craft for Speech Therapy

I cut 3-4 different colors of squares out in preparation.  This allowed my language clients to work on colors as well as requesting the correct color with an appropriate question.  You also need to cut a basket out of the brown paper for each student.  Older kids can do this themselves.  I work with a lot of little ones so I usually do all the cutting!

Using the Craft in Speech Therapy

Now to practice skills and put the balloon together.  For artic clients, I wrote the target words on the basket.  Each time a child said a target word correctly 5x, he glued 3 squares on his the paper plate.  (The paper plate is the balloon part.)  Repeat the process until the “balloon” is completely covered.

To work on early language (like increasing MLU),have the child request more squares with phases like “more please” or “I want more” or “more red please.”  Slightly older kids (preschool age-kindergarten age) can work on using simple questions such as “Can I have red please?”

Once the balloon is covered, glue the basket to bottom of the plate.  Ta da!  Your hot air balloon is complete!  Now your kiddos working on articulation have something to take home to work on for practice!

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Unicorn Crafts for Speech Therapy

During our week with “Goldilicious,” we made unicorns in speech therapy!  The girls loved it.  I loved it!  The crafts were seriously adorable.  Plus it totally fed my need to be 8 years old again and let my unicorn loving side show!

Unicorn Crafts for Speech Therapy

Unicorn Craft #1 for Speech Therapy

This was pretty cute from Glued to My Crafts.  I used it for my girls working on language goals.  We could work on “more,” asking questions, spatial concepts (like the horn is on top) as well as colors and simple body parts (eyes, hair, ears, nose).

Paper Plate Unicorn - Kid Craft

Unicorn Craft for Articulation

To make this craft, you can use the word strip from my “Golden Speech and Language” packet.  Just print the word strips out on colored paper.  (I used Astrobrights!)  You still need a paper plate, wiggle and golden horn like the craft above.  Instead, cut a unicorn head shape from the paper plate.  Glue the word strips “mane” on the ridges of the paper.  I used pink glitter glue to make the nose.  Instead of the using the word strips, you could use yarn like above.

Unicorn Craft for Speech Therapy


Unicorns and “Goldlicious” was a fun week in speech therapy.  Although I only have 4-5 girls on my caseload, it is definitely worth the extra work!  You see our week with “Goldilicious” here!

Little Blue Truck Activity for Speech Therapy

During our road transportation theme, I used “Little Blue Truck” in some of my speech therapy sessions. They loved it! To be honest, so did I. The kids loved the story, the animal noises, and saying “Beep!” I used the book with my preschool population.  Most of my clients at that age are working on simple basic concepts, naming objects and following directions. The craft we did during speech therapy hit on all of those goals!  Plus you could use it for articulation!

You can actually do this craft one of two ways: cut a truck out of a paper plate or use this freebie.  Either way, you need the animals page of the freebie!  Whichever way you decide to do the craft, you still need a sheet of brown construction paper.  If you use the entire freebie, just cut the truck out to place in the mud.

Little Blue Truck Craft for Speech Therapy
Grab this little freebie at my TpT store

If you choose to make the truck from a paper plate, you need blue paint/crayons, 2  black circles (tires) and 2 small black rectangles (bumpers for the truck).  Have the kids paint and assemble the truck.  Cut out a “blob” from the brown paper to resemble mud.  Glue the truck in the mud.  Then have them color and cut out the animals.  (To save time, you can cut out the animals.)  Have the child pick up an animal, name it and then follow the direction such as “Put the chicken on top of the truck.”  To have the child use the concept, ask where he put the chicken.  After all the animals have been placed on the craft, review concepts by asking where an animal is.  The child should give the location using the concept.

Little Blue Truck Craft for Speech Therapy

To use as an articulation activity, prepare it all the same way.  To earn an animal, the child say a target word correctly 5x.  Then he can glue the animal on/in/around the truck.

Both of these little crafts are fun to make!  What’s your favorite road transportation craft?

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