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Usborne Books and Speech Therapy: Part Two

Sadly, almost a year ago, I wrote the part one of this post.  Yes, I know what the heck?!  Well, anyways, I am bringing some fantastic Usborne books to you for your speech therapy sessions.  I am glad I did not write this one soon after I wrote part 1 because I would not have done these books justice.  Not sure what awesome book I am referring to?

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy


These books are so much fun to bring into a speech therapy session!  I have several and really need to add to my collection  ASAP.

Usborne Books and Speech Therapy

Why Do I Love These Books in Speech Therapy?

Attention Getter!

First of all, anytime you can bring a flashlight into the activity, you have the client’s attention.  (Remember, I see individual kids so I refer to them as clients.)  As a kid I loved to make shadow puppets on the wall with the flashlight.  This is similar to that idea except the pictures are in the book, giving you the perfect shape each time!  Let the kids control the flashlight and watch their eyes light up each time turn a page!

Introduction of New Vocabulary

The vocabulary in the books is a good conversation starter.  I know in my Rainforest book, I had no idea a pink dolphin lived in the rainforest and neither did my little friends.  This topic opened up language between us to discuss and use language skills in a structured situation.  If you like Eric Carle books because they bring new animal vocabulary to your clients, you will  like the Shine A Light books for the same reason.


Another great reason to love these books is for inferencing.  Using the clues on the page, can you figure what animal/picture is hiding?  That’s what makes this series great for school age kids!  Take a guess on what is hiding with the kids.  If you are wrong, so what?  Once we discover that our guess was wrong, I go back with the kids and discuss. Did your answer meet the clues?  Maybe it’s an animal we’ve never hear of…like the pink dolphin!

Fits Perfectly Within Your Themes

These books fit great within your themes.  I have several than I use within my thematic therapy sessions.  You can easily take a simple theme, like ocean animals, and take it up a notch with “Secrets of the Seashore.” Sometimes, I have themes are geared to my young clients such as trains.  But when I add “On the Train” to the week for the older kids, I am able to stretch the theme to those kiddos and adequately address their goals!

So What Are Some Of My Favorites?

Besides the “Secrets of the Sea,” these are a couple of my favorites!  I plan  to add the apple tree and the Wonders of the USA soon!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Rain Forest


Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of Winter

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Favorite Back to School Books for Speech Therapy

Going to back to school this week? Not sure what you want to do during your speech therapy sessions? I got you covered! While I may not be a school-based SLP anymore, I still have my favorites! I try to incorporate them with my private clients that I see after school hours.  These books are in no particular order…they are equally loved!

Back to School Books for Speech Therapy

Hooway for Wodney Wat

I just dedicated a whole blog post to this book!  But who cares?  It’s getting on the list today!  This book is so great for back to school.  I love using it for articulation groups to really drive home the point how important using our good sounds is.  But I also like to use it for language sessions to show that we all have weaknesses that we need to work on this year.  Check out the link above for freebies!!

Back to School Books for Speech Therapy


Yes, this is another book  I wrote an entire blog post about.  But I still had to add it to the list!  This book provides a great lesson on accepting others’ uniqueness whether it’s a name, hair color, or another trait.  It makes it great for speech therapy!!  I like to teach the point that we are all in speech to work on things…each one of us has different things we need help with.  Your strength is someone else’s weakness and vice versa.

Back to School Books for Speech Therapy

If You Take A Mouse To School

This one is just good book to have the first week of school.  Predict what would happen if a mouse followed you to school.  What kinds of trouble would he cause?    It’s also a great story to use with sequencing activities as well as object function vocabulary.  This mouse book is a basic staple for your back to school collection!

Back to School Books for Speech Therapy

Wemberly Worried

What is not to love about this book?  Wemberly Worried is a great book for the little ones starting school.  You can easily talk about how they are feeling about starting school compared to Wemberly.  It also lends itself to talking  about emotions-which are difficulty for little ones to express.  You can even have your students write letters to Wemberly to make her feel better about starting school!

Back to School Books for Speech Therapy

The Gingerbread Man Loose in The School

Everyone loves the Gingerbread Man!!  This one is no exception!  It’s a great book to use for describing what role each staff member plays at school.  I always like to address “who” questions and describing skills when talking about community helpers.  You can do this with the staff members at school!  Plan a great scavenger hunt around the school to get acquainted with the building and people who work in it!

Back to School Books for Speech Therapy

These book suggestions should have you ready for school to start back!  Each book hold a wide range of fun activities for any speech therapy session.

Not sure you are ready?  Check out my favorite school supplies for SLPs!

Wodney Wat in Speech Therapy

One of my favorite books to read in speech therapy is “Hooway for Wodney Wat.”   I love to read it at the beginning of the year! Obviously, it is great for my /r/ kids but I think it teaches all the kids a little something.  It’s this great story of a little rodent, with zero self-confidence, standing up to the big bully, Camilla.  It is definitely a book that every SLP needs on her/his shelf!

Articulation Activities for Speech Therapy

I came up with some fun activities for you to use with your students.  The craft below is perfect for your articulation clients.  It’s easy prep too!  Cut out a large triangle (grey), two large circles (grey), 3 smaller circles (pink) and a speech bubble (from any color!)  You will need two wiggle eyes and you can substitute a pink pom pom for the nose.  Glue it all together on a piece of construction paper.  In the speech bubble, the students can write words or draw pictures of things with their target sound.  Can’t draw?  Cut out pictures from magazines!!  This is a great activity to do in speech therapy during the first week of school.  Get the kiddos talking about their targets!

You could also turn this same cute craft into a paper bag book similar to the one here.  Make the cover just as pictured.  Inside the book, have the students write words, draw/glue pictures of objects with their sounds.  Then send them home for extra practice!!!

Language Activities for Speech Therapy

There are so many fun things you can do with this book!

1. Talk about character traits.  What makes a good friend?  Bad friend?

2.  Play Simon Says to work on following directions!

3.  Give wacky directions to see if they students are listening.  For example tell them to “Hop on one ear.”  Talk about  if you can do that.  What should the real direction be?  Correct the direction and then do it!

4.  Compare Camilla and Rodney.  Or better yet, compare your self to Rodney or Camilla!

These are just few ideas!  I have included a set of freebies for this book!  There  are 2 compare/contrast activities, one story element activity AND homework for both language and articulation (TWO PAGES EACH!)

What are your favorite books to use for back to school?

Need more back to school fun?  How about this one?

Using “Chrysanthemum” in Speech Therapy

So basically every speech therapist on my Instagram feed is going back to school this week.  When I worked in the schools, I LOVED to use “Chrysanthemum” in our first week speech therapy sessions.  Like super puffy heart loved it!  In fact, I used a few of Kevin Henkes’ books during those first few weeks.  Today, I am going to share some of my activities that I used in those first weeks to get acquainted with each of my students.  In turn, they were able to get to know me and each person in their group.  (I participated in the activities just like the kids!  It made sharing things about ourselves that much easier.)

Chrysanthemum Activities for Speech Therapy

Using a Name Poem in Speech Therapy

As I write this post, the actual term for this is escaping my brain.  All I can come up with is an “acrostic” poem but I am not sure that is correct.  Either way, it is a great activity!!  I love it for a language activity since each child must come up with describing words about themselves.  It’s awesome because we have to work past the “good” and “smart” to get to the bigger words like “intelligent,” or “brilliant.”  Plus, I LOVE the kids that use “awesome” for their letter “A” characteristic.  To start, either type each student’s name down the paper and print or the kids can write their own names.  Have a thesaurus or two available to help with words.

Name Map

Another fun one that I like to use the first day of therapy.  Each student was given a sheet of paper with their name typed on it.  (For less prep on you, just give the kids each a piece of blank paper for them to write their name.)  Have the kids draw pictures of their favorite things like food, color, sport, hobbies, etc.  Maybe they can even draw a quick portrait of themselves.  Allow them to be as creative as they wish!  After everyone is done, have each child tell about themselves using their name map.

Name Map for Speech Therapy
This one is from several years ago! How do I know? Since receiving my Master’s, I no longer refer to myself as a “speech teacher.” Plus, I have had another kid!

Letters and Blocks

I loved this activity when working with my pre-Kindergarten to 1st (heck, maybe even 2nd) grade students.  I wrote each child’s name on the table (with dry erase markers!) or on a sheet of construction paper.  Each child counted the letters in their name.  Then they had to request that number of blocks.  You can use unifix cubes or legos; whatever is available!  So if their name had 7 letters, they asked for 7 blocks.  The child stacked their blocks then we compared!  Who has the longest name?  The shortest name?  Whose stacks are the same?  Talk about “over” and “under” such as “What letter is under the “N” in Kent?”  If using multi-colored blocks, ask “What color is the “M?” to work on colors!  You get great language concepts out of this activity without the kids knowing they are learning!

Name Activity for Speech Therapy
Make sure to use blocks that are the same height! Otherwise, a 4 letter name looks taller than a 7 letter name!

This book is just of the several I liked to use at the beginning of school.  What are some of your favorite back to school books?

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